Renting a Handbag?!!

  1. i could never do that.. with all the monthly/shipping fees, you might as well save up and buy your own.
  2. This subject has allready been discussed several times here. The consensus has been that it's a waste of money. Better to put the money towards one you can keep.
  3. Well, to each her own, I guess. While it is not something I would do, I suppose it must be a bit like renting furniture or a tuxedo…I am trying to be open minded about this…maybe if they were renting diamond encrusted evening bags to take out for one special occasion, that could be interesting for some (not me, but for some, I suppose) like borrowing Harry Winston or renting a limousine. I just can’t imagine doing renting something you use everyday…like sitting on a couch that is not yours…hmmmm…limo, one night, ok, I can see it…trillion dollar evening bag for one night, maybe, for some…not me, it’s kind of like sharing underwear (should I post that under the “one crazy fact about me” thread?)…but, I could understand…a day bag…hmmmm, just can’t quite get the sense in it, unless it is to put on heirs…but, I need a mind opening, so, I am ready to hear any ideas of why it might be a good idea…

    Apparently it works as a business, however…these kinds of businesses seem to be booming…
  4. ha ha ha
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