Rental homes in Mexico?

  1. Has anyone rented a house in the Mexico Playacar Phase 1 or 2 area? Planing vacation and would like to know if nice area. As I am researching, it looks like a nice gated community with some house on the beach and others short walk. If anyone has any info, please share. Thanks!
  2. How much is the rental??? and what are scope of that...
  3. You can rent villa,houses , or condo's depending on your situation. It's a wide range of prices depending on the house and location and season you travel. A week in playa can go for 2,000-5000 and up to 15,000 a week or more. It varies esp. the time you go and like I said depends alot of things ..# of travelers..amenities...bedroons ...pool. and you can rent monthly also.
  4. This is a good reliable resource: They have tons of vacation home listings all over the world. Lots in Mexico too! They have tons of pics and the members are really good at getting back to you quickly.