Rent your LV Bags ???

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  1. I just found this website :

    Bag Borrow or Steal™ - Borrow and Rent Designer Handbags

    where apparently you can "rent" your favorite LV bag ! LoL :roflmfao:

    That is so funny! It's a cute concept, although I wonder how "used" that bag that's been on like a gazillion hands must be by the time you get it. :throwup:

    Apparently you can rent and/or buy the bag, but ladies, there is a waiting list, so don't get tooooooo excited, :yahoo:

    Personally, I would rather own my bag, but this would be cute for like a once in a blue moon type of a thing.
  2. yeah, I've seen that too...but I like to have my bags to keep!

    Maybe if it was a smaller bag (like the Shirley) that I just wanted for a special occasion? Or to try out a bag I was thinking of getting, to see how it felt?

    But man, if you do that alot, the money you'd spend would add up to a new bag!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.