Rent & Living Experiences in Various Cities....

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  1. In about 18 months I am going to be hopefully leaving crappy Indiana for a post-doc. I'll be at the new place for about 2 years.

    Can some people tell me what rental properties are like price-wise (a 3/2 place that allows animals), living conditions (totally boring vs. tons to do), people (rude vs. nice), and most importantly weather (hot vs. cold; humid vs. dry, etc.) the following cities:

    Columbus, Ohio (Ohio State)
    Madison, Wisconsin (U of W) - I know the weather sucks
    Ann Arbor, Michigan (U of M) - I know the weather sucks
    Nashville, Tennessee (Vanderbilt)
    Miami, Florida (Can't remember which school it is)
    L.A. (UCLA) - I know what the weather is like
    Sacramento-area (UC Davis) - I know what the weather is like
    Seattle (U of Washington)
    UC San Diego - I know what the weather is like
    New Haven, CT (Yale)
    Boston (Boston University)

    Thanks so much!!!!! I'm going to be narrowing it down to a short-list within the next couple of months.....and I don't want to waste my time contacting a prospective school if I a) can't afford to live there or b) wouldn't like the city!
  2. All I can say about Boston is EXPENSIVE. My step dau splits an apartment with 2 roomates. It's not a true 3 bedroom. It's a 2 bedroom split meaning 2 bedrooms and another room which ideally would be a small living room but has a door so can be used as a 3rd small bedroom. TINY kitchen (not eat in of course). 2400 a month rent. They are in a pretty good section (near Northeastern) - but not the best area by far.

    If you went farther out from the city but still along the T lines it will be cheaper in some places & you could ride the subway into Boston, but you have to be careful where you choose.

    You can take a look @ rents to give you an idea @

    And of course the weather varies but such a great city!!
  3. Thanks kbell!!!! That is expensive...youch! That's like San Francisco rent prices! Wowsa!
  4. I know a little bit about Sacramento/UC Davis because a friend of mine is completing a PhD program there.

    Davis is about a 30-minute drive from Sacramento, and 1.5 hour drive from San Francisco. It's a college town, and rental prices are inexpensive (compared to $2300 I'm paying for 2 bedroom/1 bath in SF). My friend is in a 2/2 for $1600, and it's pet friendly. The place is 10-minute drive/20-minute bike ride to campus, and a lot of grad students live there (to avoid the rowdy undergrad crowds).

    As for entertainment, Davis is kind of boring IMO. But, you can always drive/take Amtrak down to SF on weekends because Davis downtown is pretty much dead during that time.
  5. Miami is fairly reasonable. Obviously if you live on the ocean, it's going to be pricey, but a nice 3/2 bedroom in a nice area would run anywhere from 1500-2000. I'm not sure of what kind of area you'll accept and how high of a standard of living you want. Aside form that, it's going to be hot and humid most of the time. I hate the weather in the summer here in Jacksonville, and we're 6 hours north, so I can only assume it's even hotter down there. Fun stuff? It's Miami. There's plenty to do.
  6. That is right in the city of Boston though, if you go a little further out rents go down depending on the area, just have to be careful where you choose. I would never rent
    anything around here sight unseen. I'd want to see it @ day & night time. I wouldn't rule it out - you should visit 1st & if you like it can check the MBTA subway lines for areas served & then check rents there. Boston is also a great walking city - eliminating the need for a vehicle, or at least only needing 1 instead of 2 for a couple.
  7. I live in Indiana, I wish I could move. Best of luck!
  8. Twiggers,

    Pretty much anywhere will be more expensive than Indiana is (probably). The cheaper locations would probably be Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan, but you know what the weather is like there.

    My choice would be U of WA, but I'm biased because that's my alma mater. The weather is not perfect, it can be grey in the winter, but it's the west coast and the summers are amazing. Housing costs are still low for the west coast, but will be probably about double what they are in Indiana. The one plus to WA is there's no state income tax. A minus is that the traffic here is HORRIBLE. The median price for a home here is 500k, a small condo about 300k. I am not sure what rents are, but I'm told there are a shortage of vacancies due to the mortgage crisis. Housing around the campus may be less expensive though.
  9. Thanks! I did my undergrad there but commuted, so I was curious to see what rent was like now!!!!
  10. Thanks Roo! We've been hearing from friends with rental properties in CA that they are in heaven and can charge whatever they want because of the mortgage crisis. I'm hoping rents start to stabilize over the next year or so!!!

    Is the campus right in Seattle (like downtown area)?

    Yea Ohio is relatively cheap overall....not sure about Ann Arbor or Madison though (in terms of rent).
    And we would definetly be renting because we'd only be there for 2 years or less!
  11. Thanks Charles! That isn't too bad rent-wise. The weather might be the biggest deterrent....we hate the humidity here in Indiana!
  12. Go to Miami I'll come and visit we'll go shopping & give the Jill's a run for their money with Martini's :tup::lol:
  13. Twiggers I did my Post Doc at UCLA NPI, so I hope you pick UCLA..either way it is dang expensive up in the west side, but because of the traffic you would not want to try to live 15 miles away and commute in, unless you have a very high tolerance for traffic.
  14. Thanks Irish! I used to commute 2 hours to Davis every day for 2 years....but I've been spoiled in Indiana for the last 3 years!!!!
  15. My snap judgements

    Columbus, Ohio (Ohio State) I don't like Ohio at all. LOL
    Madison, Wisconsin (U of W) - I know the weather sucks. Madison is a great progressive and liberal city (for the midwest at least).
    Ann Arbor, Michigan (U of M) - I know the weather sucks.:roflmfao:
    Nashville, Tennessee (Vanderbilt) My uncle lives in Nashville (at least when hes not on location for O'Neil in Fiji) But I adore nashville. It is a great city with loads to do. The property price are preety cheap compared to the MW. And appreciation is high too.
    Seattle (U of Washington) I also adore seattle. If you like green and clean living this is the place for you.