Rent a chloe!

  1. saw that site, uhh I wouldn't want to let it go. Need my own
  2. This site has been discussed a lot in the past. You can probably find a couple of old threads if you do a search. I think people have mixed reviews. :shrugs:

    They are actually one of the TPF advertisers, as I have noticed. So it seems like the powers that be here do endorse their service.
  3. I rather just save up and buy my own bag! Renting a bag is so expensive and with all of that money you proberly can get urself a decent bag already!
  4. Me too.:yes:
  5. yea totally would save for my own... $5200 a year = 4 sale paddys and shoes :nuts:
  6. I'm pretty sure the concept is great to some, but not for me :s. I'd rather save the $$$ and buy myself the bag.
  7. If you read some of the threads, this company apparently passes off fakes as authentic bags. Also, some of the ads that come up on tPF are random and not endorsed by the site owners, Megs and Vlad.

    I agree with the other posters, I'd rather buy the bag outright myself.
  8. I would not like to use a bag that others put their personal items in, like a hairbrush or a comb. To me that is just gross. I could not ever share a bag with strangers. Also, I think it is not so easy to get the bag you want when you want it from that site, so you end up paying for the service but it's hard to get the hot bags.
  9. and i think if you don't return it in the same condition that you got it, you pretty much bought it....
  10. great concept, I just think the price they charge is too expensive. Wouldnt it be a great deal if say you could hire it, see if you love it and then if you purchased from them got the hire fee deducted from the final purchase price - hmm now that would be a concept for a great bag company. Try before you buy, and if you do buy you get your hire price back ;)
  11. I agree with Rai. The thought of putting my own things into a bag where someone may have out dirty tissues, etc into is kinda gross. But that's just me I guess and I am a total germ-aphobic...!

  12. yipes, I didn't know that! Definitely not a good idea then!
  13. I won't tell you about our diaper bag swapping site then...heh heh....:roflmfao:
  14. ^
    LOL at luvmygirls :biggrin:

    you are too funny