Rent a Balenciaga?

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  1. I was just playing around and googled balenciaga as I'm new to this beautiful bag and came across a site You can actually rent a B-bag. First I thought it was a site to buy fake bags but I guess they are all real! Nothing I would be interested in but thought I'd pass it on.
  2. I've see sites like that before (can't remember what the other one was...)...I think they are all real and they're really not all that cheap when you look into the monthly rates! What fun is it if you can't enjoy the hunt and drool over the prize when it's finally yours!!!???

  3. I agree, it wouldn't be the same if I had to return it
  4. Thank you for sharing! It would be easier to see the use of these rent-a-bags sites if the monthly were more reasonable. And if I weren't such a nut about carrying only mint bags!
  5. The other site is Here's one of their BBag listings. This one is for an olive first. Cell phone pocket?


    Balenciaga Olive 'Motorcycle' Handbag
    SKU# BBOS5290

    One of the most recognizable 'it' bags! Features olive green soft leather with front zipper pocket and metal hardware. Interior features zipper pocket and cell phone slot. Dimensions are: 12"Lx3"Wx8"H
    Borrow by the week or the month
    $60.00 per week

    $175.00 per month
  6. I think that the best reason to do this is if you are on the fence about a color or style, you rent it and then decide. Other than that, I can't really see the point.
  7. Yes I kind of WAS considering it since I get bored of my bags rather easily. But then I realized bored but attached and could never let go of something that I consider mine. So I decided to save my money and buy instead of rent
  8. The concept is quite interesting and tempting.

    Im eyeing the Python Silverado and Muse, which might be good for trying to see if its the style I like before I buy one. It's pricey though.
  9. :wtf: for that amount of money, I'd rather invest in a used, authentic bag on ebay!!!
  10. I borrowed a Magenta First from that site, and I loved it because it was my first time seeing a real Balenciaga in person and the Magenta color is so hard to come by!! I just kept it for a week, and to me it was totally worth it just to experience it for the first time. :yes:

    Looks like they still have the Magenta First, and they also have what appears to be a Dolma Green First:
    From Bags To Riches

    You can buy the bag from them as well ... I think they wanted $975 for the Magenta First. I decided to pass because it had darkened handles (even though it wasn't that terrible a price for Magenta).
  11. I sort of 'rent' mine if you consider buying one then tiring of it and selling it. Costs me a few hundred every couple o times a year