rensky's small but essential collection :)

  1. dont laugh... :graucho:
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. has added since then...
    CIMG0953.JPG CIMG0955.JPG
  4. Great collection, I love your Monogram Lin Bucket bag! Thanks for sharing
  5. thanks i love it :girlsigh:
  6. I'm not laughing at all! That's a beautiful collection!! Congrats on your new additions!:yes:
  7. those are some really nice pieces.. the one in the middle, like the petit noe is pretty.. that's something i want.. hehe
  8. I see you're quite a damier fan! Love your monogram papillon!! This small size is very cute!
  9. like your cute charm!
  10. Tee hee.. you damier addict, love it ! :yes:
  11. Nice collection.
  12. why would we laugh?! that is a GREAT collection with all the perfect pieces.

    i love the little charm hanging off your damier speedy!
  13. Love the Monogram Mini. Nice collection.:flowers:
  14. Great collection! You have a perfect assortment of all the classics!
  15. gorgeous collection:love:
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