Renovations - some laminate questions.

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  1. Hi Gals!!

    First off I want to share how happy I am that my BF and I nearly finished laying all the laminate in the master bedroom. :yahoo:

    After everything we're gone through with our house since august it really feels like progress. Some pics below.

    We're going to put down more in the hallway but I have no idea how to get around the staircase pegs/pins?? Not sure how to explain it but if you look at the picture you may know what I mean.

    Anyone know if these can twist out and the staircase railing can be removed? I doubt it since the laminate is rather high so it will throw off all the measurements on the steps ..etc as it's all one piece, I think??

    OMG I don't even know to explain it, just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone has suggestions. Might consider changing the banister but I don't even know to go for such a thing.

  2. ^^you might want to go to homedepot or where you bought the material to ask them how to install the treads. because of the nosing...i am suspecting you can't really just install the treads like you did on the floor.
    i would not remove the stair handrail until you ask some contractor or ppl who did it before.
    did you try to remove the carpet on the stair to see what's underneath?? the wood floor!! great choice of color.
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    You can install the laminate on your stair treads, and risers, and see if the manufacturer has "nosing" profiles for the stairs. If not find a wood nosing and stain it to match.

    I would paint the pickets, and hand railing on your staircase. That would be an easy solution. Maybe paint the pickets out in your wall color, and then paint the hand rail, the color of the laminate? You could also paint out everything to match the color of your laminate. If you want to get a little more labor intensive, then sand down, and stain the staircase to match the laminate.

    You could also install a stair runner up the center of your stairs, leaving the ends bare.
    If you install a runner, choose something in 100% wool. It will wear like iron, last for many, many years, and is easy to clean. Synthetic, is a total waste of money.

    Have Fun!
  4. Great ideas!!

    Yes the carpets were removed, in the entire upstairs. That's how it looks now, just plywood.

    I like the idea of painting the banister thingy, we were going to sand it down and stain but the interior designer said that was a pain so we'll see what to do about it.

    I'm going to let BF read your posts, he knows more about the "nose" thing and what's available, I think we might have bought that the other day along with the T strips for doorways..etc.

    This laminate is a pain to install, it clicks like other laminate but it needs tapping (more like hammering) to get every piece in place so it's extremely labour intensive and tiring but the results look good and like hardwood.
  5. [​IMG]


    :nuts::yahoo: One room down, two more and a hallway to go!! (excluding the downstairs living/dining room which we haven't bought laminate for yet, even those it's stripped down to plywood too.

    YAY!! and BF and I did it all on our own.
  6. It looks so fabulous! I love the green of your walls! What color is it? I had my guest bedroom and my soon-to-be tiny library painted green but it is way too yellow. Yours looks perfect.
  7. Stem green - Benjamin Moore.

    Thank you!! :smile: I went through dill pickle, pear green, wales green, kennebunkport green until I found stem green, which had that freshness without looking too bright.
  8. Flickr is blocked at work, so I might be completely off, but why would you put laminate on top of the existing wood for your stair treads and risers? Why not either stain the existing wood or get a composite material. I'm not sure how you're going to hide the transition between laminate and existing wood on the treads.
  9. ^^ the stairs and landing [i believe] are nothing but the sub-floor, so they are made of plywood.
  10. love love love the look of your floors and walls!
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    Charles, I meant about the railing, whether to unscrew the pegs and lay laminate then rescrew the pegs back in on top (drilling a hole ? glueing?) it's all extremely complicated. We did purchase a piece of wood with a nose to run along the edge, but honestly we're kind of clueless whether to take the entire railing off first or work around it.

    That picture above is when the carpet was still in, but now it looks more like this:


    Here's a picture of the middle level living room with hardwood which will stay as is, maybe a floor staining in the future to match the dark laminate upstairs.

    The stairs/steps themselves are not an issue because we have purchased this kit from homedepot which will cover each step, it just needs a stain and polyurethane coats

    Should look like this when it's done:

    Thanks girls, glad you enjoyed the pics. I'm so enjoying the feeling of walking around on the laminate :P
  12. Looks great! Where did you get that mirror?
  13. Your room looks great, I LOVE the floor! I am also thinking about installing laminated flooring in my bedroom. What is the brand that you used? Do you need to glue them together or are they click-lock?!
    Keep the pictures coming!! ;)
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