Renovating sucks

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  1. Renovating... or moving in general :censor:ing sucks. I've already spent the last 4 hours painting the bathroom and cleaning, now on to the kitchen.

    Be back in 5... hours... :yucky:
  2. I moved in with my man a few months back and it turned out to be the most stressfull thing ever!

    We really enjoyed painting the walls together though! Load music and, yes. I wore dungarees!
    I guess renovating is a hassle but is SO rewarding in the end. Also you get to do exactly what YOU want Not what some builder may think looks better! :biguns:
  3. Try to have fun with it. Have a glass of wine or a soothing cup of herbal tea and listen to your favorite songs from the 90s.
  4. I hear ya - I'm still dragging my feet on a badly needed kitchen remodel.
  5. I feel for you, Vlad. I cannot fathom moving again. My husband and I bought another house this past November and we have both agreed this will the last move for awhile. We have been like nomads the past six years and I'm so done and over with the hassle of moving!!!:yucky: I think that if we have to move again we will end up hiring help.:shame:

    Now that we are in the new house almost every room needs new paint and I just cannot force myself to get it done...
  6. I know how you feel, it's such a :censor: hassle. I started packing up our garage yesterday and throwing out junk. There is just so much stuff I can't imagine packing it all!

    I agree with envy - try to make it fun. Grab a cold beer :graucho: listen to loud music and just stay focused on completing what you're doing. Good luck :biggrin:
  7. I'm not sure if drinking and painting is a good mix, well for me it isnt. I could get to giddy and paint the wrong room.

    Hang in there Vlad turn the music up. :amuse:
  8. i love renovating because it change your living.. :smile:) and it's lots of fun..
  9. I haven't really renovated but I moved several times. That is a pain in the @**. I can only imagine what renovating is like.
  10. Grab your significant other and chase her around with paint on your renovating breaks. ;) But it's always more fun to have your gf/bf over or to have a friend or two around to keep you company or help.

    When BF and I were renovating his apartment for sale, it was easier to do because we had money signs in our eyes since the market has shot up here in Vancouver :biggrin:
  11. Oh tell me about it! I had new closets being put in my bedroom a few weeks back, and I had to camped out at the computer room downstairs which didnt have a proper bed!
  12. I absolutely hate moving too! Normally, I just hire people to do it, but even then, it's still painful. Getting re-organized, unpacked, etc... Ugh... I'm getting stressed just thinking about it and I don't plan on moving for another year!!!
  13. My family has moved a lot in my life and on top of that now that I go to school in a different state I travel a lot and always bring my entire room with me, back and forth. Sucks.
  14. Kitchen's are the worst!! We just finsished a major remodel on our newly purchased home. It has had no updating in 30 years. We closed on September 12th 2005 and there are contractors in the crawl space as we speak!! My fridge was in the garage for three weeks and I had temporary countertops for three weeks! Looks great but not sure it was worth the hassle!
  15. Ughh.. I am going to come off sounding lazy and spoiled, but just hire someone to do it next time!! :roflmfao: