Reno - What to See?

  1. In Sept, DH is going to Reno for a conference. They run some day events for the spouses. Any suggestions on where to go or what to recommend? Of course, if there are outlets out there, let me know! Any great restaurants? We will be either at or around the Grand Sierra Resort.

    Last year, we went to Disney. They had a terrible plan - the mall in Orlando (anyone can go to a regular old mall) and a backstage tour at Disney. The backstage tour was not the one in the guides, it was a tour of (yuck) the horticultural area, the SEWER PLANT!, the laundry facilities.... So we are trying to prevent a trip like this one!
  2. FYI, for outlets - I am a Coach nut. I like Dooney too. Any good outlets around there?
  3. hi no! I live in Lake Tahoe, about a 35 minute drive from Reno, and have lived here for about 3 years...

    Of course, there are tons of casinos in Reno, if that's your thing, and the Grand Sierra Resort has just been re-done (was a Hilton before). I haven't been there since the renovation but heard it's nice.

    For shopping, the only outlet I know of is the Patagonia outlet off 80W. Visit the website for address and directions. Other than this and another outdoorsy-store outlet, that's pretty much it for outlet shopping. There are a few regular malls with "standard" chain stores (e.g. Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic, etc.) - Meadowood Mall (indoor) and Sierra Summit (outdoor).

    There's a great little mall-type place with cute boutiques, including my fav, Lodo Loft on W. Plumb west of I-395 (google it). Great clothes, funky jewelry and a good shoe store.

    There are a few art museums in Reno, as the city is trying to build up other attractions outside of just casinos.

    For other museum-y/historical stuff (if you're into that) south of Reno in Carson City (state capital) there are a few museums. Southeast of Reno in the hills is Virginia City - a "touristy old west" town where there were huge silver mines in the 1800s.

    I've heard there's a great spa in the Siena Hotel in Reno. Looks very nice on their website.

    I don't know too many restaurants in Reno - there are always ones in casinos that probably aren't too bad - sorry I can't help on that. Google them??

    But my favvvvvvvvorite place (though I'm pretty biased - LOL) is Lake Tahoe ;) . It's an alpine lake at 6,000 feet with luscious pine trees and soaring mountain peaks surrounding the crystal blue lake (man, should the tourist's bureau pay me or what???) DEFINITELY different landscape than the brown "high desert" look and climate in Reno.

    It's about 35-50 min drive to the north shore (Incline Village, Truckee, Tahoe City). IV is right on the lake, Truckee is inland and has super-cute boutiques and shops in its downtown street and Tahoe City is a more touristy town on the Northwest lakeshore. Nearby Tahoe City and Truckee is Squaw Valley (skiing and where the Olympics were in the 60s). Squaw has a great resort and cute little "village" at the base - cute shops, good restaurants, etc. They also run a gondola year-round to go to the peak, where there's a restaurant, outdoor pool, and ice skating rink (don't know if that's open in the summer). FABULOUS views of Lake Tahoe!!!!

    South Lake Tahoe is further from Reno. If you head up Mt. Rose Highway from Reno and then take 28 South along the east side of the lake, the views are spectacular!!! You'll pass Sand Harbor State Park, which is a gorgeous swath of sandy beach on the lake. South Lake Tahoe has casinos on the NV side and splits Heavenly Valley with California. Heavenly may also have a year-round gondola to go up and see views. There's cute shopping, also in a "village" at the base of Heavenly, which is right in the middle of the town.

    You can also drive along a short way up the west side of the lake and stop by Emerald Bay - a fantasticly emerald green inlet with an island in the middle and a tour available of an old "castle" on the shore a Nordic woman built in the early 1900s. Gorgeous!!!

    If you head from South Lake west down the Kingsbury Grade, you'll end up on 395 right at Genoa, one of the oldest cities in Nevada. There's a really old pub that's good for a touristy drink. ;) Then head north on 395 and you'll go through Carson City and back to Reno.

    As you might imagine, there's tons of hiking and biking around the area. And lots of golf courses in/around Reno, Carson City and areas south (Genoa, Minden) and in the Tahoe area. There's also river rafting and kayaking on the Truckee River in both the Tahoe City area and down to Reno, paralleling I-80.

    PM me if you want to know more!!!:wlae:
  4. I used to go to Reno about once every 3 months (and Tahoe too)....and I rally couldn't find anything but casinos to do for fun. Unfortunately, the casinos don't really have any good shopping either in Reno :sad:
    I used to stay at the Hilton (now the grand Sierra) and it is not on the you'll have to either drive to get downtown or take a cab.
  5. Well, thanks for the info. I am going to have to do some thinking. Might stay home with mom and my dogs if there isn't alot to do. I have to hire a dog sitter (and a mom - checker). My mom is 81 and I don't trust her 100%. I had a dog sitter (college student) when I went to Disney. She stopped in first thing in the morning, dinner time and late night to check on the dogs and my mom.
  6. Reno so close to hell you see can see "Sparks".
    (sparks is a small surburban town nearby!)
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I haven't heard this one before!!!
  8. If you do get to Reno.. I highly reccomend a spa day at the Atlantis hotel. I had the worlds best pedicure there for $40! Reno is alright.. but you can get bored easily. Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and not that far of a drive.
  9. :yes: Grew up there & actually have noooooooooo desire to go back for anything or anybody. I think Tahoe is about the only gorgeous thing around, Virginia City is a hoot if you are in the right mindset & like to drink.

    redney, do you know if the hotsprings still open in steamboat & have they built the spa there? The casinos are nothing like in Vegas & downtown is kind of a mess, sorry I can't think of anything too great to do.
  10. Hey what about those cops??? :p:p

    (okay I'm done amusing myself..)
  11. Definately head to Tahoe. Tahoe is beautiful. Reno is pretty runned down.
  12. Reno is really all about the gambling....the onyl real reason to head there as far as I'm concerned!
  13. Hmm:confused1: I don't know anything about hotsprings in Steamboat - haven't heard of it or a spa. sorry I can't help.