Renewing my love in Louis Vuitton <3


Jan 16, 2009
So I have always been a huge LV fan but the past couple of years I have just had a few mishaps in my personal life that has stopped me from purchasing any or really even lusting after any bag. I guess my priorities where shifted around due to a divorce and a new man and what not.. (: boyfriend knows how much I love designer bags (Especially LV) and has told me he's going to purchase one for me!! :yahoo:(The last one I had was a gift from my ex which was the ONE thing i didnot part with!! he he ;) So i'm SOOOO excited to be able to get back into the LV game and start lusting and exploring all the new bags which I am no longer familiar with.

So...any ideas on how to not feel overwhelmed and bring up my knowledge of LV? Anyone up to giving me a refresher course?? lol :smile:)


Apr 8, 2008
Welcome back!! Well, so many bags have been released the past year or so, but still there are a few IMO, timeless new timeless pieces that will be a great add to any collection. Here are my personal favorites:

Galleria PM in Azur or Mono
Alma MM in vernis Amarante
Trevi PM ebene
Alma or Speedy 30 in Cassis
Boetie PM mono
Rodeo Drive in Amarante or Pomme
Claudia in Multicolore
Greta in Multicolore

Good luck!

LadY vUitTOn

Mar 26, 2009
Welcome back! Here are some of my favorites:

Palermo PM or GM
Tivoli GM
Berkeley in Ebony or Azur
Trevi PM
Alma in Damier or Vernis Amarante
Neverfull or Speedy (always useful and reliable)

Goodluck and let us know what you get!


Jan 22, 2006
:welcome2: back, JBmom86! Hang around here, check out all the threads; do a search, check out the bags recommended by LVKeepallfan and LadY vUitTOn and visit your local LV store more often.:heart: