Renewed Gucci Desire-Icon Bit Large Tote

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  1. I don't have this one. I have an all-leather black travel tote. All I can say is I'm so happy I bought it and now I wouldn't be without it.
  2. ^^^Is the all leather one heavy? The style looks like it could be heavy b/c of the hardware, so I was thinking the fabric may be lighter. I really like this bag!
  3. No,the leather one isn't heavy in fact it's made to be light my bag's style has no hardware.

    The fabric version of the Icon-bit will be lighter (I also think the leather is thicker on these bags). I tried the hobo Icon-Bit, def heavier than my travel tote.
  4. I do not have this bag, but I do have an LV Neverfull that I purchased last year in August and had to take in in two weeks ago for glazing of the straps, because they started to peel. I love LV, but I would go with the Icon Bit in this case. It is a classic and very stylish bag.
  5. Papertiger and Weekend Shopper thank you! I want a large tote that I don't have to baby, this one may be just what I need.