renewed chanel love

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  1. hi all!
    i usually post in the balenciaga forum but i just wanted to share my excitement! i just bought a bleu fonce lambskin 2.55 classic flap in medium AND a violet caviar 2.55 classic flap in medium! i'd stopped buying chanel bags for awhile but when i saw these colours in the store i fell instantly in love. i think both are the perfect complement to my wardrobe... so excited!!
  2. pictures, pictures, pictures!!

    i am in loveee with the violet and the bleu fonce sounds beautiful!
  3. Congrats! wonderful colours, how about some pics?
  4. Congrats! We must see pics!
  5. thanks you guys! i don't have my digital camera with me but here's a photobooth shot of my bleu fonce (the violet is being sent to me from another store). it's not actually that dark... it's a really cool blue thats not very vivid, has hints of a kind of petrol greyish in it maybe?
    Photo 16.jpg
  6. this represents the hue more... but it's not this light
    Photo 19.jpg
  7. wow looks like a nice charcoal colour...have not seen this before but looks really nice! :drool:
  8. and until the violet comes... at first i was hesitant about getting the violet because i already have a lambskin lilac chanel... but the colours are sooo different that i just couldn't resist. plus it's a different leather. here's a pic of my old lilac
    Photo 13.jpg
  9. ^ OMG the lilac is gorgeous !!! I like it better than the violet . I am so jealous right now !
  10. Wowiee!!!
  11. Congrats!! The blue fonce looks amazing! I think I might have to renew my Chanel love too!!
  12. Wow, love the colors, congrats!
  13. ooh congrats! can't wait to see the violet caviar! i am soooo hooked on the caviar classic flaps!
  14. i think some colours look better in caviar and others in lambskin..violet is definitely best in the caviar. and i love caviar because its almost indestructible!
  15. Gorgeous I love the colors .Lambskin is so soft I love that leather I would love to see the bleu fonce IRL usually I try not to buy my chanels in lambskin for fear of something happening to them But I think I'm going to start buying more lambskin.I love the texture.
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