Renewal Passport Time

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  1. Ok guys.

    In April I submitted a passport renewal. Im leaving the country next month, July 16-ish.

    Will my passport get here in time?

    Im so worried :tup::tdown:
  2. u should have paid for expedited service..I got mine back in 4days that way.Costs more but worth it.Call them and ask.
  3. Don't worry, Sophia... ;) you'll get it by then.

    that avatar is gorgeous!!! is someone going out of the country for a modelling gig? :biggrin:
  4. i heard there is a backlog but i'm sure it will be in on time since a renewal is much faster i would think.
  5. I know! I told my mother, but shes like 'we need to conserve money' and not spend it on other stuff..blah blah blah.

    ^ Haha so I made fun of her 9,000 Birkin. "Mama thats a heck of a lot of money" I mean an extra 60 bucks from your hermes fund could have bought me my passport in at a faster pace. She looked like this: :wtf:

    Thanks though Jill, Ive been calling all morning, lines have been busy!


  6. Yeah, I think thats for the passport applications only. :wlae:

    Well, hopefully!
  7. You should get it in time. When I didn't use expedited service, it took around 6 weeks to get. When I used expedited, it was here a few days later!
  8. Aw, thanks for the calming reassurance && the sweet comment!

    You made my hectic morning! Thank you!

    And, I dont know how to answer your last question :okay:
  9. Aw, thanks for the comment girlie!

    Your baby in the avatar picture is gorgeously adorable!

    I would so babysit that beauty when it gets older :P
  10. ^ Aww, thanks for the information.

    I already submitted my passport in April and its not here yet.

    So im just questioning when it will be here.

    But thanks for your help!
  11. You should have your passport on time. From what I remembered, normal processing takes roughly 2 months. If you pay for expedited service (when I did it, $60) you can get it in 2-4 weeks. But if Jill got hers in 4 days then I think I was ripped off! lol. Of course, I wasn't renewing but getting a brand new one...
  12. If its already in renewal, can i send in another 60 bucks to get it here quicker?
  13. I would call. I've read recently that the backlogs are really long right now and even expedited service is taking 3x longer...
  14. One of my coworkers who had a trip planned in a month had to renew and he was told up to 12 weeks! :wtf: He had it expedited and managed to get it in time. Give those Passport folks a call. :yes: