Renée Zellweger

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  1. [​IMG]

    The sudden marriage of one of my fav country singers, Kenny Chesney, with the Briget Jones star, Renée Zellweger, is coming to an end after 4 lonnnng months (sarcasm). I never thought the marriage would be stable- it seemed so abrupt and odd.

    People's article read as follows:
    Fraud? Hummm publicity stunt? Who knows. But now there is one more hot guy back on the market. Not like I'm looking for one, cough cough, sorry Vlad! :smile:
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  2. Not surprised. :smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. She is looking less strange these days, but why is she sitting almost on top of a bunny?

    Run bunny, run!
  5. She looks cute here!! I don't understand why the bunny is there, either, but it is cute!
  6. I think it the bunny is supposed to reference her new movie, "Miss Potter." I think they could have picked a better picture, I thought she looked better at the Golden Globes yesterday.
  7. Yes ! you are correct
  8. Bun = Potter. :yes:
  9. She looks wholesome and cute!
  10. LMAO @ Irish as usual!:lol:

    I think she looks better here than usual, she's not making that bizarro squinty eye thing and puckered lip thingy that annoys me.
    I think this is a homely girl, marginally talented which is acceptable in Hollywood, but not attractive to me at all.
    Great figure though!
  11. Looks like the bunny is emerging from her butt.
  12. Sometimes I think she looks beautiful and other times I think she is very homely or just doesn't look good at all (an example would be how odd she looked in the movie White Oleander). She looks good in this picture. Peggy
  13. Oscar-winning actress Renée Zellweger is dating former 'Beverly Hills 90210' hunk Luke Perry.

    The happy couple was spotted sharing an intimate table at the Tower Bar restaurant at Los Angeles hotel Sunset Tower.

    A source tells Page Six: "They were definitely on a date. They both looked
    super-skinny. He was looking very grungy - baggy jeans, lumberjack flannel shirt and baseball cap. She had on a white button-down shirt, glasses and striped pants. They were talking very closely and rubbing knees."

    Renée has said her New Year's resolution is to sort out her love life and find something real. I guess it's time for a new resolution. Congrats, you two!
  14. I think she looked way better in Jerry Maguire, but then that was years ago.
  15. I have the magazine,I reccieved it couple of days ago. Im disapointed. There is a big theme for metalics this season (hence mirror Louis Vuitton bags). There is an actually nice coach bag in it,its probably an ERGO?. Her spread was pretty small oh yeah ladies JENNIFER HUDSON is going to be on the March issue,im going to try to snag a picture of it!.