Renee Zellweger with a fake ?

  1. So I just got in and started flicking through the paper and then the magazine which comes with the paper. Something caught my eye and it was Renee zellweger with a Louis Vuitton Pegase. But maybe its just me being paranoid...but the Pegase looks different to the ones on eBay sold by MPRS and on Take a look and tell me what you think, the pic isnt very good but notice the handles ?, I maybe wrong but Ive never seen a pegase with handles like this.


    Pegase from
  2. Don't know about the bag but maybe it;s not hers - someone elses and the camera angle caught her beside it??
  3. hmm looks real to me
  4. just thinking but does anyone know if LV changed the design of the pegase in recent years ?
  5. its real, they did change it, they got rid of that strappy thing
  6. thanks matt for clearing that up, Im glad im wrong...I like renee and I would hate to see her carrying fake :s
  7. I don't have the "eye" that others on here have but perhaps since hers appears to be "used" that the handle (on the side) popped more with use. The photo of the new one shows that the handle obviously hasn't been used so it lays flat. Just a thought...
  8. Ugh, I have to type faster!! I knew someone out there knew more than me!! (Thanks Matt!)
  9. looks real to me, as well.
  10. IF you look at it on elux, you see that the strappy thing on the top is gone, it was put there to hold a keepall or other bag that comes with one of those handle straps ya know? well they changed it and I still think it looks great either way.

    Its real, She has BEAUTIFUL pieces, espically her Suhali collection
  11. I love Renee. Good that her pegase is real - I'd be really disappointed if she sported a fake.
  12. :yes: Yep, that's how mine is, they changed the handle too.
  13. I'm just confirming that the Pegase is real. ;)
  14. interesting. cuz the two pics def looked like diff bags!
  15. It looks real to me...