Renee in mocha on Ebay right now

  1. But I don't know if its authentic or not...
  2. Absolutely 100%. They never copied the whipstitched styles...LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! :graucho:
  3. Oh I agree Mini! This is one comfortable bag! I love mine...just a chocolately milky goodness! :heart: I think anyone here that has one is hard-pressed to part with it....:yes:
  4. I saw it late last night......I was thinking maybe it would fly below the radar....LOL.....fat chance. It sure looks purty. :tup:
  5. Sorry....:smile: I can't wait to get mine in the mail next week!!!

  6. Yes...that was quite a steal you got there was gorgeous!! I bet you are excited!
  7. Yeah - that Renee was a great deal. The last one - the one that I supposedly won, LOL - sold for $399.
  8. But see? See? There's another! I told you there would be!!! :tup:
  9. Yup, you sure did! But now there's also that Eden... :hysteric:

  10. Oh here we go again, and I was just complaining to Shewolfy that there didn't seem to be much to chose from the past few days!! I was hoping to be able to catch up money-wise for awhile....still have the vacation in October coming up.....geez :confused1: