Rene Furterer

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  1. I heard of this product for the hair. Has anyone used it to solve dry hair problems? Any reviews?
  2. I'm using it now. Actually I've been using Kerastase for long time, and I need a different product now to alternate with it. So I'm giving Rene furterer a try. Early this month I've done their scalp treatment together with dry hair treatment (carathame). I love this treatment, really rejuvenate you head and she gave me a good scalp massage.

    I don't have problem with my scalp or hair, this is determined through their hair analysis, so right now I'm using the silkening shampoo and conditioner (under Fioravanti range), it's more for beautifying your hair. So far so good. I'm happy.
  3. YES ! I have dry hair and I love their products, especially Carthame and Karite lines;)
  4. The replies are good enough for me to try. :smile:
  5. I've been using the Karite line and have noticed a difference on my chemically straightened, coarse, prone to breakage hair. Its def worth the $ I think.
  6. I just bought its leave-in conditioner to try. Hopefully it works!