Rene Furterer styling products???

  1. Does anybody here use Rene Furterer hair styling products? This is what the stylist used the last time I got my hair done and it looked soooo good, so straight and so shiny, that I paid another small fortune and bought some Furterer straightening gel and no rinse protective cream. Please tell me it's good stuff and worth the money! I really would like to be able to duplicate what the stylist did with my hair! :smile:
  2. I have their Spray Gloss and I find it a bit drying.
  3. I am really liking their Carthame leave-in conditioner. It smells wonderful and it makes my hair so soft. I don't know about the straightening gel, however. My hair didn't come out nearly as straight as when the stylist fixed it. Maybe my fabulous hair had more to do with the stylist than with the styling products... Which is discouraging, because I would like to be able to do this at home!
  4. I really like their stuff. The Red Door Salon in NYC uses their stuff along with Wella products. I don't think anyone can really reproduce what a stylists does. So I wouldn't be so discouraged.