Rene Caovilla shoes opinions??

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  1. Any tips ladies? I'm eyeing what would be my first pair on Ebay - do they run TTS?
  2. I have a couple of Rene Caovilla jeweled strappy sandals with 9cm heels and I find they run true to size for my feet.
  3. Thanks :tup: I'm a 37 and so are the shoes so that sounds promising - what size are you?
  4. I'm a 35/34.5 depending on the style and designer. With Rene Caovilla, I'm 35.
  5. I find RC sizing similar to GZ.
  6. Hey girls. I've never tried on Rene Caovilla shoes before but there are quite a few on eBay that I am interested in. Can anyone give me advice on how his shoes run? I've seen some measurements in the listings (mushroom_city's namely) but all the measurements are the same no matter what style the shoe is so I tend to doubt they are completely accurate. If anyone could offer any advice on whether they run TTS (which, from the measurements, it seems they might) or what, that would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!!!!
  7. Sorry, I am not much help as I have never tried them on before (in my experience, sandals are more forgiving than pumps on sizing, for what that's worth), but I am so excited for you! I love Rene Caovilla. Good luck!
  8. They run pretty small and narrow.
  9. I wear 1/2 size up from my US size.
  10. I wear mine tts, see my wedding shoes in my avatar. many of the sandals are sling backs, which r adjustable, if that helps.
  11. Mine are TTS.
  12. I found mine better 1/2 size up.

    Love Rene Caovilla. :heart:
  13. I only have three pairs of Caovillas, but all of them are TTS.
  14. gorgeous/dainty shoes- i had to size up for mine.
  15. They are my favorite shoes I have eight pairs I just counted, any reason to look at my Rene Caovilla's. I think they run try to size. However the Vintage ones run a little smaller, like most vintage shoes. I wear in US shoes a 7-7 1/2 and all my Rene Caovillas are 37, 37 1/2 and I think I have one pair of 38.