Rene Caovilla shoes - Help

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  1. I cannot decide... I want to buy a pair cause now they are on sale, but I like the three pairs.:heart: ... Please help me I cannot buy all of them...




  2. I've tried on the first and last pair, and IMO, the last one would be my choice. I loved the first one, but it's made with a light colored fabric, which can get really dirty and hard to clean, esp with crystals on them...they are beautiful though. Also, they were cut a little narrow, so someone like me with medium wide feet will start feeling the pinch after wearing it for awhile.

    The middle pair I don't think can be worn with many outfits and are harder to take through the seasons.

    The last pair is great b/c it has the fanciness of an evening shoe, but due to its simplicity, can be worn either way, with a party dress, or with jeans. They are a totally updated classic. Neutral crystals match can't go wrong.

  3. I agree with randr, the last pair is the most versitile!

    And just in case this is your first pair, of Caovilla shoes (otherwise, plesae forgive me, I'm not trying to patronize you) be sure to go half or a whole size up unless you have very narrow feet!
  4. Last pair for me. It will give you the most use. If you splurge...get the first pait too...they are gorgeous!
  5. Would not want to be YOU right now! WOW! I love all three. My choice would be the first pair, for sure!
  6. number two as he ha s done number one and three better with a nicer heel in the last seasons.
  7. Thanks very much. I have bought number 3, even though I think I am in love with number 1. They will be arriving home soon, I bought 1/2 size more than usual, that is what they recomended in the site where I bought them... I will tell you when they arrive!!!!!!!!
    can´t wait:yahoo: :yahoo: !!!!!!!
  8. At first glance i would say the first , but i would more than likely go with the third .

    Congrats on your choice
  9. I like the second and the third better than the first. I think you would get more wear out of the third pair because the color is more neutral. They are all gorgeous though!

    ETA: I somehow skipped your post. I see that you decided on the third pair. Great choice!!! Congrats!
  10. I love the first one and the last one! :smile:

    Let us know how they feel when you get them!
  11. I received them a couple days ago, and I made the right choice!!
    they are gorgeous, I have a wedding tomorrow and guess what shoes I am going to wear....
    I strongly recommend the site where I bought them, a great find,