Rendezvous or MAM in Peacock.

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  1. I need opinions, I don't have a clutch, because I was looking for one to go from day to night. My mam does that for me, but I am loving the peacock.

    Which should I get, the Rendezvous or the MAM?:shrugs:

    Do we love the Rendezvous?
  2. Since you already have a MAM you should get the rendezvous! Its a super fun clutch!
  3. when I saw the rendezvous irl, it was the size of a folder! but it was really cute though! so If you want something day-to-night, I think it would be easy to fit your stuff in there. =)
  4. I just received it (took the plunge) it is like a folder! TOO BIG (for me)
    It's going back. Thanks for all the insight.