Rendezvous Clutch....keys gone??

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  1. The Fall bags came with two adorable little keys attached on a leather tether on the side of the bag....the Spring bags don't seem to have them, or am I missing something? I think that was one of the best features of the bag!! Reminded me of an LV Speedy with it's keys. :yes:


    (click on zoom to see multiple angles)




  2. That is a bummer. I have the red patent/ red stripe and the keys are such a cute detail!
  3. the keys are super cute. i like it.
  4. That's a shame. The keys really are adorable.
  5. Maybe the keys are inside of the bag? Just not shown in pictures :shrugs:
  6. i dont think the lock actually locks anymore and i guess thats why they got rid of the keys? :shrugs:

    this was in the description: "The unique locking hardware opens easily when you push down"
  7. hmmm... i had three bags with this hardware and they did lock... but you do have to push the lock down for it to open.... :shrugs: