Rencontre oceane

  1. I am desperatly trying to replace this scarf. I had it in a gorgeous blue all the fish were yellow and other colors and it looked just like the ocean. Any advie on how to find a new one? Please!!
  2. eBay's probably your best bet, they pop up once in a while. What happened to yours?
  3. I've been searching eBay- mine vanished really one day I had it next day I could not find it anywhere in my house. I searched and searched and it has never been found.
  4. Yes, try eBay but be prepared to pay at least $500 USD upwards. This is a highly sought after scarf. Good luck. ;)
  5. i read on an old thread a few months ago that hermes may reissue recontre ocean in the next few seasons. keep an eye on the forum threads when someone posts about it.
  6. The other thing is to go to
    and put on a wish list. The have a finesse version for sale currently.

    I love this pattern. I have it in the lilac finess.