Rencontre Ocean reissued?

  1. I just read on one of my scarfie boards that apparently it was confirmed at the podium that Rencontre Ocean is reissued.

    Perhaps you can check with your managers as well to give some substance to that rumour?
  2. thanks hello2703 for the heads up:smile:
  3. For AW? or for next spring?
  4. ^ SS08 apparently.
  5. Very cool! You're the best Hello!!

    BTW...Did you find you Petite Horses of Hungary bracelet?
  6. ^thanks for asking, I haven't properly investigated yet. It's on my 'to do list' ;)
  7. will ask when I get to Hermes today...

    I hope....the thought of spending $700 site unseen on me the heebies.
  8. Grands Fonds got word from Anne Faivre herself a few months ago in a letter that it was indeed being reissued. Need to find that thread.
  9. Dr HG let us know if you hear anything.

    I will ask my SA today when I go in..the manager should be back and be able to tell!!
  10. wonder what other ones will....that are sought after...
  11. Thanks HG, I missed that post! That is just too cool!
  12. ^^^It IS cool, isn't it?
  13. ^VERY!

    Is Mr Watrigant still alive? I would like to write him a letter too.
  14. That would be fantastic, I'd love one :heart: