Renato Angi

  1. Anyone know anything about this brand. They are Italian and seem to mostly be in the European market, but I just saw a red patent leather that was the most wonderful patent I had ever felt - just when I felt patents were HORRIBLE. On eBay there's very little and it goes for peanuts I think because people just don't know about them.

  2. On their website they list where they are sold, no US outlets but there is a thread on deals and steals from someone who found a load in TJ Maxx - you could try there I guess!
  3. Here's a picture of the bag. I can return it tomorrow if I decide to. Of course, incandescent lighting doesn't capture the essence of the bag. Also, it has Swarovski crystal detailing at the top as you can see and they are REALLY pretty. Such a SOFT patent and the flowers on the front are very detailed in the center - gorgeous bag.

  4. I LOVE ANGI!!!
    They are so popular in Europe.
    I am not sure i like all his bags, but some of them are a knock off!
    My favourite is black patent with red flower on it!
    when I saw it, I knew it is mine: ))
    renato angi bag.jpg
  5. I like this one:
  6. A girl friend of mine and her husband import these and some other high end Italian bags direct from the manufacturers, so the prices are pretty good for the design and quality. I brought a beautiful purple patent bag yesterday. When I figure out how to attach a picture I will add one.

  7. They might be popular in Europe, but I live there and I never heard of it :wtf:
  8. How much are you paying for these bags. I came across one in TJMAXX yesterday but it was $599. The tag on the bag said the original price was $2500 but I didn't know if that was dollars or some other currency.

    Does anyone know what these bags go for retail.
  9. bump... I saw a bag today @ TJ maxx for 599.00 as well. No original tag but the
    TJ tag said "compare to $1000.00" but when I googled his namr, a lot of the bags retail for around 500-600 dollars.
  10. i found one at tj maxx for $400. i don't know much about them.. any other info would be greatly appreciated =)
  11. just bought one at tj maxx for $360.00 with no regrets
  12. I have two, both from TJM, one for $350 and one around $300. In fact, when I see them on auction I run to TJM to see if there are any more around. They have really lovely designs and workmanship. I stay away form the ones with the fake gems because I don't like how they look and they seem to come apart. The designs are very Italian and don't appeal to everyone, but some are more toned-down and classy with really interesting details.
  13. *revives*

    I bought a Renato Angi bag today at TJ Maxx, and I have to say.. I LOVE it. The quality, the soft, supple leather, and the design.. It's truly amazing. You ladies who love quality and like looking into new brands should definitely give one of these bags a try. :smile: