Renaming the Travel Forum

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  1. First off, let me say how great I think it is we finally have a travel forum :yahoo:

    But, the "Travel" title is a tad blah IMO- I really like Caitlin's suggestion for calling it "Bon Voyage"! :tup:

    Anyone else like the idea, or are y'all just fine with Travel?
  2. Bon Voyage sounds like a cruise. No problems but could cause confusion.
  3. I'll throw some out:

    Around The World
    Trips and Travels
    Travel Time
    Leaving On a Jet Plane
  4. I like "Globetrotter" and "Bon voyage"! I assume that "Jetsetting" is a bit exaggerating?!
  5. I like Bon Voyage!
  6. I like globetrotter.
  7. globetrotter gets another vote!
  8. globetrotter!!
  9. I like travel... lame, yes. Informative, also yes. "Trips, tips, and travels" would also sum it up but the alliteration is a bit corny, yes. I'm just glad we have one! I "cheat" on TPF all the time to head over to "trip advisor"... (I have the same screenname over there, too, if there are any other trip advisor fans here). :smile:
  10. My vote would have to be for "Around the world". Especially since I am not creative enough to make anything up!!
  11. I love Bon Voyage!
  12. I like Globetrotter!
  13. I like Bon Vogage.

    Or Travel In Style... hmm
  14. Love the new name! :tup:
  15. Ohh I like Trips and Travels!!