Rena Yip

Dec 21, 2007
somewhere B.M.F, MD
I was browsing through my daily fashion blogs and I came across this article about these shoes.

I did a search and nothing came up - has anyone heard of these shoes? I thought they were interesting - so I wanted to share ;)

Some may know luxury, and some may put their self in an “opulence only” lane. But there is a lane out there that makes everything luxurious, look like bubble gum and Rena Yip is in that lane:
The powerful pump is the 2009 shoe from Global Gilded Shoe House Rena Yip. The pump comes with a years worth of shoe concierge and it has the Rena Yip signature Teal Green Alligator sole. The waiting list is over 6months long for the $8,888 standard and the $35,523 exotic. Every pump is made by hand to the mold of the clients foot. Self-made Billionaire Taysha Smith Valez is on of the few people who have been spotted in a pair of Rena Yip: