Removing wrinkles from vintage leather boots?

Feb 13, 2016
I recently bought a pair of Edwardian leather boots (I'm guessing that they are around 90-100 years old). At only $38 I thought it was not a bad deal at all. They feel sturdy and wearable and I really love the look, very steampunk. Only thing is that the leather has a lot of wrinkles in it. Is there any way that I can safely smooth them out? Or are the wrinkles OK in a distressed chic way?



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Oct 17, 2008
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I think the wrinkles are great! They're not going to come out no matter how hard you try with them being that age, BUT you can condition them and stuff them so they stay upright to preserve them in their current state. (I'm not a fan of new Frye) but I do love their leather conditioner and use it on all my black label fryes(40 years old) and stuff them with pool noodles I've cut in half. You could use newspapers, old shirts, anything to keep them upright and free standing. I love your boots and its refreshing for me to see some older stuff here, I love vintage and antique items!