Removing Smoke Smell from Clothes :(

  1. I just bought something off eBay and I don't really want to return it since it's hard to find. But it smells like cigarette smoke. Also, it had a greasy-ish feel to it, so the seller obviously tried to hide the smell by wiping a dryer sheet all over it :yucky:

    It's in the wash as I type this, but I'm not very optimistic that 1 wash will do it. Any good tips on getting that smoky smell out of clothes? If I can't do it, I may just return it.
  2. did you try hanging it outside to air it out?
  3. What is the material type? That would determine how easy it would be to get that smell out....
  4. i used FEBREEZE...:graucho::supacool:.
  5. i use febreeze then hang it outside for a day. the combination gets the funk out
  6. It's a cotton/poly hoodie sweatshirt.
  7. im pretty sure the wash will do, but if u just air it out for a day it should go away! :smile:
  8. You can always throw it in the dryer with bounce and use the "air dry" or delicate cycle.
  9. Get it dry-cleaned. :yes:
  10. Spritz a 1:1 mixture of vodka and water over the clothes then hang them to air out for a few days. The vodka kills the bacteria and doesn't leave a smell. :yes:
  11. ^ These are some good ideas - thanx so much for all the tips!
  12. Definitely hang it up in a place where it can air out! That does wonders for getting rid of smells.

  13. Never heard of this remedy before. If it works she can use the remaining Vodka to make a martini and celebrate too! I love multi-tasking. :tup:
  14. Sorry I think Fabreeze just covers the smell. Airing it out is the best. I normally hang it up for about 24 hours. Then I put it in the dryer with fabric softner sheet on tumble dry (time limit depends on the fabric). It works all the time for me.
  15. I use a steamer, and it gets it out. Just make sure you run it a little longer than normal.