Removing Scuff Marks from Nude Patent Shoe?

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  1. I have been wearing my nude patent pumps for 2 hours and now they have a huge black scuff on my lovely shoes!

    I googled a removal process and got results back that Acetone nail polish is the key. This sounds harsh & I don't want it to remove the shine.

    Help!! Any advise would be appreciated!

    FYI-I tried using an eraser to remove it and polished the area with lipgloss (don't ask, I was desperate).
  2. I've also heard that nail polish takes it off, but I would do some internet research first, as I've never done this myself.
  3. Uh... don't do that it might take off the shininess of it. Try some tooth paste... I read some where it got rid of jean stains (kinda).
  4. Okay, so toothpaste is amazing!!! It totally worked on my Calvin Klein dark red patent heels but not on the nude :sad:. I was able to get most of it off w/ nail polish remover and had to use a little clear nail polish to shiny the area back up. It worked....kinda.
  5. Has anyone successfully removed black scuff marks from their nude patent shoes? If so, please share how you did it.
  6. I always remove the black marks on nude patent shoes (CL Banane) with a Q-tip slightly soaked in nail polish remover (acetone) .
  7. Thanks, did it remove the shine or alter the patent leather?
  8. Nope not at all but make sure your qtip is not dripping acetone
  9. In my experience there's not much that can be done.
  10. yes I just did research and had to do it myself! The article I read (and I followed) said first take an eraser and erase then wipe firmly with a clean cloth. (frankly this did little but I did it). Then take a cotton ball with alcohol and rub...I had to rub somewhat firmly over and over and yes it worked! My shoes look almost new again! Keep rubbing firmly with the alcohol/cotton then wipe away with clean cloth.
  11. Well this happened to me a 10 years ago in Gucci heels, not CL's. I had just gotten my lunch from the cafeteria at my job and was carrying a food tray back to my desk. We have air vents in the floor (dumbest thing ever) and I stepped into the vent grate with my heel and it got caught in the vent grate! I was walking pretty quickly so when I lifted my foot up, the vent grate came up with my heel, so now I have this 9 x 9 square vent stuck to my heel and I can't get it off because I was carrying my food tray! :wtf:And there's a square hole in the floor that someone else might fall into! I think I was able to hobble / hop to my area and have my co worker help me out and get the grate off. I still have those Gucci shoes but there is a scratch down the thin cream colored heel from stepping into the vent and its a reminder of that incident! I will have to post a pic of my heel scratch when I get a chance..
  12. Here's my shoe and the scratch!

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  13. ^ mssmelanie,
    looking at the picture of the heel, it doesnt appear to be leather covered, you can very easily get it repainted.