Removing Scuff Mark from Patent Nude

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  1. Has anyone successfully removed black scuff marks from their nude patent CLs? If so, please share how you did it.
  2. Best thing that works for me is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or unscented baby wipes! Good luck!
  3. Agree, Mr Clean Magic Eraser always works for me.
  4. I've used a regular white eraser and removed the marks before.
  5. Many people flip out at even the idea of this but using a q-tip with a very small amount of acetone nail polish remover will immediately remove the scuff. We have had a lot of discussion about this in previous threads and folks who have not tried it panic and often protest...but it works. Every time. If you worry that the acetone may dull the shine, then do not take the chance and put yourself through the worry. I have never noticed any dulling of shine and even if I did--I will take dull over scuff any day :biggrin:. I hope whatever you try works wonders for you!
  6. Agreed Mr.clean magic eraser works wonders :smile:
  7. Wondering where has my post gone, I replied first to this thread ...
  8. Thanks for the replies.

  9. I've done this & it totally worked!!!!:tup::tup::yes:
  10. awesome! ;)