Removing scorch marks from stove

  1. My relatively new stove has scorch marks on the face of it where the dials are. I have googled to find suggestions on how to remove these marks and am going to try baking soda mixed into a paste with vinegar.

    Does anyone have any other tried and true methods?
  2. oven cleaner, bar keepers friend?
  3. I never thought of oven cleaner. What is bar keeper's friend and where do you find it?
  4. BK Friend is sort of like Comet. It's usually at the grocery right beside it.
  5. I use Bon Ami. :tup:
  6. Mr. Clean 'magic eraser' sponges? i swear by these.
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    I've tried MC Magic Eraser, Comet, baking soda w/ vinegar, plain vinegar, orange clean. Nothing is working. It seems as though the paint is discoloured and nothing is going to fix it. :crybaby:This is my new ceramic top stove.

    I'll look for BKF but I am in Canada and have never heard of it so don't know if we have it. What is Bon Ami?

    ETA - I just googled Bon Ami and see it is like BKF or Comet. I will look for both, Bon Ami and BKF at the supermarket.
  8. Is it on the ceramic part? If it's a stain that's on top of it then you could try a razor blade.
  9. I use 409

  10. there are special ceramic stove top cleaners. this is what i can get them at stores like home depot, loews, etc...

    it kind of looks like car wax...and kind of works the same way. you buff it onto the ceramic stove top and then wipe it clean...
  11. It's not on the ceramic stove top, it is on the face of the stove where the dials are.

    I could not find BKF nor Bon Ami here. Tried oven cleaner. It didn't work either.