Removing perfume scent from bags?

  1. Hi all:

    Does anyone know of a safe & successful method for removing strong perfume smell from a bag? I recently purchased a pre~loved IF and adore it. The seller was great, the bag is pristine....except for the really strong scent of perfume, mainly on the shoulder strap and slightly on one end of the bag where it must have rubbed against scent~laden arms or something.

    It's not that it smells bad, it's actually quite a lovely fragrance, but I am *highly* allergic to most artificial scents; there are very few that don't give me an asthma episode and this isn't one of them. :sad: I've only carried the bag once and it gave me a tremendous headache and brought on the wheezes.

    All of my bags are stored in their sleepers in a closet in which I also keep cedar blocks. I was hoping this would help, but so far no go. I'm thinking of tossing a block into the IF bag to see if it helps absorb the smell - which of course will leave me with a bag that smells like cedar rather than leather. Not unpleasant, but I prefer leather.

    Any tips, hints, tricks, recommendations? The leather on this bag is finished, so perhaps a recommended, safe cleaner?

    Many thanks!
  2. Maybe a small sachet of baking soda?
    I've had good luck with Odoban but it does have a fragrance. I think you can get a variety that's fragrance-free.
  3. How simply brilliant! I hadn't even thought of baking soda!

    I'll look into Odoban - it's kind of hit and miss with scents. The same manufacturer can make multiple scents be it cleaners, air fresheners or scented lotions and some will cause a reaction and some are perfectly fine.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Either that.....or a sock filled with charcoal will do the same thing....but baking soda might be a little less messy.
  5. I have used fabric softener sheets (inside a sandwich bag so that it doesn't touch the actual bag) or a bag full of kitty litter inside the bag. Maybe even more helfpful is putting the bag in a well-ventilated room with a fan (or outside out of the sun if there's a nice breeze).
  6. Well, here's my update:

    So far no luck. :sad:

    As nutty as it sounds, I even attempted rubbing baking soda directly on the shoulder strap and then left it for a while. It wiped off easily....and didn't do a lot for the scent on the strap.

    Next, I remembered I had a bottle of Zero Odor in the garage and I sprayed the strap. I wiped the strap down with a cloth barely dampened with warm water as I wasn't sure what the Ph in the Zero Odor was and what it might do to the bag. Seemed like it worked at first, but this morning there's that scent. Arrgh!

    If none of that worked, I'm not sure charcoal would, though I'm willing to try anything at this point.

    Dryer sheets are out as I only use unscented ones and, thankfully, the interior of the bag doesn't have the scent. It's so strong on the shoulder strap that I'm beginning to think the previous owner must have sprayed the exterior of the bag.

    Blah. :crybaby:
  7. Well... maybe if you put an open carton of baking soda in a large plastic trash bag, set the handbag in next to the b.s., tie the trash bag up tight, and leave it for a week or so in a closet or someplace out of the way. I'd also stuff the bag with newspaper.

    Sounds like this is going to take some time. Might also check - they've got some excellent cleaner, and if you send her a note, she may be able to recommend which one to use to remove the perfume.

    Oh, good luck - this is a sad thing, but you'll be able to get this clean. It will just take a bit of time...:rolleyes:
  8. Thanks, indiaink. Your recommendations are pretty much what I culled from Lovin' My Bags site and from I couple of others I found after doing yet another exhaustive search. I did send off a note to Barbara at LMB as well.

    I think I was looking (hoping) for a quick fix as I love this bag and I'm itching to carry her, but I've come to the realization that it's definitely *not* going to be a quick fix. I think I'm going to attempt the baking soda again, but in a more tightly controlled environment as you mentioned, and leave it for at least a week. Heat is supposed to be important as well as it helps release the scent, so I'll probably leave her outside on the patio during the day (in bag).

    One of the other sites, as well as citychris, recommended the same but with carbon containing kitty litter. I may even try that next.

    I'm feeling very positive about it now that I've realized that patience may be the key here.

    Thanks again everyone for your suggestions! :smile: