Removing odors from dry clean only clothing -- tips?

  1. Hi all, I just purchased a lovely wool blazer off eBay that I have been wanting for a while. It arrives in the mail yesterday and I open the package excitedly. It had a lot of lint and some hair on it, which I thought was gross but no big deal, I could have it dry cleaned. (Although the seller should have made sure it was presentable before sending I think). The real problem was that I noticed a foul smell and sure enough, the underarm areas smell strongly of body odor! :sick::yucky:

    Now it's a lovely jacket and I got it at a good price outside of expensive international shipping. I have read that regular dry cleaning will not help with the odors. Does anyone have any tips or ticks for me when dealing with this?

    I would send it back immediately but I know most likely that eBay/Paypal will not have the seller refund me the shipping costs, which were about half the cost of the jacket itself already. So I would like to try and work with it before then and maybe request a small compensation from the seller for whatever the cost of the possible solution might be.

    I think though it is disgusting and gross to be selling your clothes when they reek of body odor! I would take pet hair and even smoke over this any day and never would have bid had I known! :mad::shucks:
  2. Oh no, how terrible! I am sorry i dont have any tips....other than having it drycleaned...but maybe someone will. Good luck!
  3. Just read to try odoban...spraying area with it and letting it dry. It also said drycleaning will not remove the odor! But that may not be totally true
  4. I've had a lot of luck with dryel... You're a bit nervous about it at first, but it is really wonderful for smells, more than actual stains so it may work out for you! GL!
  5. Thank you for all the tips ladies! I'm really hoping one of these solutions will work! I live in Ireland so not all the products are available and I may have to order them online. Hopefully the seller will be willing to refund me the price of either a dry clean or the cleaning products!

    The Dryel looks like a really interesting idea, maybe I will order one and try it out. I also heard rubbing or spritzing the area with white vinegar may help?

    I did contact a dry cleaners and they said that they do have odour removing chemicals but it's not guaranteed that the smell will come out completely, especially when it's perspiration odour. Ugh.
  6. A designer once told me that if you put the item of clothing in a garbage bag with a bar of Ivory soap, and leave it for a couple of days, the soap will actually absorb the odour and refresh the item... I don't know if the odour on your jacket is too strong for this trick. :S
  7. Whenever my clothes get really bad smoke smells on them I air them outside - it works wonders, especially if there is a breeze because it sends the fresh air right into the fibers. No harm on trying it.
  8. Ewww, regular drycleaning doesn't take care of it? How well does drycleaning take care of our clothes?! I thought the reason why there is body odor is because of bacteria + perspiration, so my question is, is the dry cleaning taking care of the bacteria? :wondering
  9. Dryel. I swear by it.
  10. Thank you for all the ideas ladies! :flowers:

    The seller has not responded yet to my request for either a partial refund to cover the amount of cleaning or to a return. I think I will try each and every tip in here, couldn't hurt.

    I've actually been airing the blazer out by a window for 2 days now and it seems to have lessened the foul smell ever so slightly.

    And I'll definitely be ordering some Dryel now, I'm quite intrigued and I really hope it does the trick!
  11. I would turn the coat wrong side out and hang it outside...Let it air...
    As for Dryelle, I, too, swear by it...I use it exclusively...can't remember the last time I had anything dry cleaned...I add a step...The little cloth things that are left after the dryelle, I save them and spray one or two lightly with Oust or one of the room freshners ( not scented)...I know it sounds crazy but this adds to the freshness..
    Good luck..

  12. i have used dryel......i don't really think it would take care of the odor issue you are having, but worth a try i guess
  13. Dryel works really well, but I think it more covers up the smell than completely gets rid of it.

    Do you have a steamer? That might help a little or putting it in the bathroom while in the shower and let it steam out somewhat. Also maybe put it in a plastic bag with an open container of coffee or baking soda.
  14. Heavy perspiration odor really lingers forever if it's embedded deep in the fabric... any chance you would want to immerse the entire item in cold water and Woolite for some time without wringing and air dry flat?

    I wasn't able to bring myself to carry a leather bag with horrible odor... I started evasive treatment with freezing to kill the odor only because I simply wouldn't use the bag at all so there wasn't much I could lose after all that.