Removing Magazine/Newspaper INK from a Leather Hobo!! HELP!

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  1. So I had this disaster trying to sell an unwanted gift on eBay. The buyer refused the package out of buyers remorse and I resent it to her twice. Finally it got delivered and a few days later she says she wants her money back because there are black marks on it. I already posted this on the eBay subforum about my problems with refunding her and what not.

    But here is a huge problem. When I ship something, I pack it very well, in the dust bag with stuffing on the inside and outside. She claims that the bag got damaged in shipping and wants her money back. It looks like she took the purse and rubbed it against newspaper or some sort of blue/grey colored substance. She used magazines to stuff the package so its possible it rubbed off from that. I don't want to clean it just yet because I am documenting pictures as proof that it was not received back the way it was sent. However, I tried on a small corner to put some cleaner on it and it didn't work. I don't have the Coach branded cleaner but I'm assuming that its all about the same stuff.

    Do any of you have suggestions as to what to use to clean this bag? Its a light tan colored Hobo bag with pebbled leather. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Wow I'm really sorry that sounds like a hassle! Darn people with buyer's remorse!!! I'm not sure what would work? Ink can be tricky because it might just smear more and not actually clean? Good luck and hopefully you can get it out!
  3. i am sorry this happened to you - this totally sucks - so did you have to refund her? she obviously damanged the bag, right? so not right in so many ways.... i have no idea what would take the ink out... leather is so iffy when it comes to this kind of thing
  4. yikes...pebbled leather, you can't use cleaner or moisturizer on it. all they recommend is a damp cloth. i don't know what to tell you, i would recommend calling customer service.
  5. DONT USE ANY KIND OF CLEANER!!!!!!! I dont mean for this to be yelling but if you use the cleaner on it, it could and probably will dis-color the bag. Just try using a damp cloth on it and see if that will work.