removing ink from vachetta

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  1. I accidently got some newspaper ink on the handls of my mono speedy from the paper rubbing against it and wondering what is the best way to safely remove this stain? :confused1: magic eraser?
  2. newspaper ink should be pretty easy to get off... I would try a baby wipe (less abrasive than magic eraser)... Good Luck :smile:
  3. do not use the baby wipe - if it's damp, it will stain the leather.
    generaly anything damp or greasy will mark it.
    I have a great experience with an ordinary pencil eraser (white if possible), works great on all the surface dirt on mono ,even epi
  4. I used an ink eraser to get real ink off the inside of my M.C. 6 ring binder which had vachetta lining.

    The eraser removed the ink completely without a trace or mark.

    If all else fails, this really works!

    Hope you have good luck!!
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  5. I would get a nonalcohol nonscented baby wipes. The best you can afford and wipe the whole bag down and let it dry. Then in a few days repeat that until it's all gone. I've been using baby wipes on my Keepall 45 for months and it's literally perfect. The patina is so even and clean. It was the best thing I've ever done to it. The leather will darken but trust me it drys completly. Don't rub too hard though. Just a light wipe will do the job!!!
  6. Use a white artists eraser! That is what i ALWAYS use on my Vachetta, and it works like a charm!!!!!
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  7. I agree with everyone about the white eraser - this is what LV stores use for theirs (the only thing !)
  8. Where do you get one of these? Can I just use a regular pencil eraser??
  9. I agree with Baggers, use ink eraser. My SA showed me once too and it works wonders.
  10. i use a regular white eraser on the vachetta part of my mult. rita and it works.
  11. Hi,
    Just wondering if you know how to remove red-wine stain on a brand new Vachetta part. I called LV, they told me - "it could NOT be removed, just let it's aged." But.... you know how it feels... other folks mentioned about Mr Clean magic eraser, I got it... but just want to ask around before I use it...

    Because vachetta is still so new... I just want to make sure.

    Also what about the ink stain inside the suede part, how can I remove it...

    Thank you!!!
  12. Ink on the "suede"--are you speaking of the interior suede-like fabric (alcantara, I think)? If it's fountain pen ink, try Amodex. If it's ballpoint-type ink, try blotting (not scrubbing) with rubbing alcohol.

    I've heard of using hairspray on ink, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's the alcohol in the hair spray that's moving the ink, but the other shellac-like stuff in hairspray can leave a sticky coating. Plus, if it's scented hairspray, that scent might be stuck in there, too.

    I don't know about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I'm too chicken to try it on my handbags, because it can be abrasive even for household cleaning. If the wine stain is small, I think I'd let it go.
  13. Hi Blueiris,
    Thank you so much for your comments :tup::tup: - Yes, I will try to remove the ink, but not the red-wine. You have just confirmed my true feeling - "LET IT GOES" - say it out-loud to me :wtf::okay::jammin:
  14. Regular white eraser works good.

    As a matter of fact, I akways carry white eraser in my purse !!! Clean my shoes, too ! I am sure many girls do the same~ :idea:
  15. Hello, I tried this and it worked for me, I have a speedy 40 monogram and somehow ballpoint pen ink got on one of the handles, looked like someone had a pen out and brushed past me with it. SO-- I read all these postings, tried the baby wipes, the pen eraser, leather cleaner- nothing worked. So then I thought let me try this. I used the very finest emery board I had and very gently rubbed in a light circular motion over the pen mark. The mark went away but then I had a spot with much lighter leather color than the rest of the handle. I lightly moistened it, rubbed it dry using the same circular motion, and then applied very lightly saddle soap. It looked perfect right away and it's three days later now and it still looks perfect. No ink visible at all and the handle looks just like it did before except no ink. So just thought I would share... no guarantees it will work on every bag but it sure worked on mine. (I was ready to look for a new bag- the ink really bothered me especially since I did not cause the ink mark!!)