Removing INK from suede Prada handbag??!

  1. How can I remove ink from my suede Prada handbag?? I tried water in the past before someone told me never to use water on suede. I honestly never knew this. I even asked the saleslady who sold me the purse and she told me she won't be able to answer because she doesn't wanna be responsible. That means suede is a difficult type to deal with. I should have known before purchasing it. ugh! I'll post a picture soon.
  2. Post a pic..Personally..I would take it to a repair shop and ask a pro to do it.
  3. I agree with Jill - I would take it to a professional!:yes:
  4. I dont know about seude, but I just got ink on a dooney and bourke purse. Someone told me to use hairspray and it completely came off without damaging my bag, it was a miracle.
    Hope this helps someone out there.
    Oh, and it supposedly doesnt matter if its a pump or aeresol spray, i used aeresol.
  5. hey girl use a little alcohol. It will take it right out. Don't drench the suede just us a old t-shirt with a LITTLE alcohol. I accidently wrote on my roomates new suede couch and used alcohol and it came right out didn't even notice it was ever there! Hope this helps!
    By the way dabb don't smudge!:yes:
  6. i heard that hairspray helps but be careful not to rub too much coz the suede might get dried up.
  7. hmmm.........haven't tried it, and a little scared to...i will test out on another suede item...hehe....will it end up discoloring the item??
  8. I have removed ink marks from suede by two methods, actually. One is the aerosol hairspray method. Spray a little bit and wait for it to dry and rub it off with an ink eraser....not the pink colored eraser, but the white kind (it has just a little bit more grit in the rubber). The second method, believe it or not, is getting a piece of stale bread (make sure it is really dried up) and rub it on the ink. It acts the same way as the hair spray and ink eraser. The suede might look just a little lighter after you are done, but when you rub the suede with your finger a couple of times, the "nap" should come right back. If you like these methods and would like to try them, maybe you should experiment on something else that you may have that has suede on it before you try it on your purse, but I believe this should work. I really don't like suede for these reasons!