Removing ink from BV bag

  1. My first post here, but have been lurking...It's a great forum. My pen exploded and one section of my orange BV tote bag now has black ink stains. I was so upset that I almost started to cry at the restaurant. What can I do to remove it? The waiter wanted to dab it with water, and I freaked out on him.
  2. my only suggestion is to take it to the BV boutique and ask them--or call. that sounds really terrible :crybaby:
  3. Thanks, Litigatrix. Good idea - it'll be the first thing I do tomorrow morning.
  4. Welcome to the BV board after lurking, indiebag :flowers:

    Sorry to hear about your pen. I think I would have burst out in tears on the spot. :sad: I would go with Litigatrix's suggestion of bringing your bag back to a BV store to see what they can do for you.

    G'luck with fixing your bag!! I hope they'll be able to clean it up good for you, and then you can post pics of it in our threads!
  5. Hi, just wanted to say that I am so sorry about what's happened. I completely sympathize and hope that the boutique can reinstate your beautiful bag.

    Do post more often please!
  6. Welcome, indiebag! Sorry that such an unfortunate accident brought you here for your 1st post. My situation isn't as bad as what happened to you, but I feel awful about it. My woven braided handle tote has multiple pen marks on the suede lining. I couldn't figure out what happened because I'm so careful. I think it was the ball point pen with the click button and something pushed the button down to expose the pen point. It even marked my Limo BV card case. I panicked and applied the Tide stain stick, but on the suede lining it just looked worse. So I feel sick about it.

    I really hope BV can help you. Please let us know if they accept the challenge! Good luck.
  7. :cry: I am sorry to hear of the unfortunate accidents for the two bags!

    For future reference I have had great luck with Coach leather cleaner for removing small pen marks on high end bags. The key is to use it very lightly and use a q-tip to apply a very small amount, gently rub in one direction. Repeat if necessary. Obviously if it looks like dye is coming off don't continue.
  8. ^^^^^Thank you!!!!!! Next on my shopping list is the Coach leather cleaner! Tho my tote suede lining is probably a lost cause, I'll have it for future problems.
  9. Welcome! I'm sure the BV boutiques will have a suggestion that hopefully will help. You also might want to PM PF member robynbenz-she had a stain on her bag (a J. Choo) and was told how to successfully remove it, although it was lipstick, I think.
  10. I totally empathize! I seem to find every way possible to scratch up/mess up/ink up my nice bags! Indiebag, I did the exact same thing on one of my Kate Spade bags, and I was angry for a month because I couldn't get it out! :tdown:

    On my Veneta I dropped my pen into it during a break, and I realized later on I didn't put the cap back on! :cursing: It resulted in three long lines of purple ink across the bag. I tried water, but it only took out a little, since it already dried a bit. But I was able to take out most of it by using a suede eraser and brush, and a couple days later (when I got on the Net and researched suede and pen stains), I dabbed isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol with a q-tip, with sweeping motions outward from the stain so you don't create a "water" stain puddle looking thing on the material. Then I used the suede eraser and brush again over and over. This took almost 3 days to get out since I was on travel to the East Coast and only had nights to deal with it.

    Also gals, I'm kind of brave when it comes to cleaning...I'll try to get the stain out myself first. But, yes, I called my mom all emotional and mad when I realized what I did.
  11. ^^^^^thanks for another method to try! I am a stain magnet. The ones in my bag are set by now, but for future reference, I'm printing these tips.
  12. I've also had great luck with Lexol leather cleaner - I always try to keep in mind not to use a cleaner that wasn't made to clean what ever material I am seeking to clean! It's saved me a few heartaches when my first thought was to grab X instead of Y or Z
  13. Thanks everyone for their kind thoughts and suggestions. I brought it to the store in NY and the SAs basically said that they would not be able to remove it b/c the ink soaked in below the dye plus extra techinical jargon. I am still upset. DH said we'll go shopping for a new one when I'm ready.
  14. What a nice husband! I'm sorry this happened to you though, I would have been so upset too, I'm pretty obsessive about marks and stains. Thanks for letting us know the outcome and hopefully you will come back and show us pictures of the new bag.:yes:
  15. Oh indiebag I am so sorry!!! I can't imagine how frustrating and disappointing this must be.

    Let us know what you replace it with!