removing ink dot from coach leather

  1. Any ideas ladies?
  2. Have you tried Mr. Clean ME???? I tried it on my white leather Coach bag (I also had an ink dot) and it worked! Good luck!
  3. i have the same problem on my skinny! RED LINE! ill try mr. clean as well, do you mean the magic eraser?
  4. Extremely old thread here - but I didn't want to be accused of not searching for an answer first...


    I'm such a dumbass! I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing while shopping today and I got PURPLE ink all over the strap to my khaki/pool duffle.


    I know it's not the end of the world...but help! (it's in a totally noticable spot too...when I put the bag on, it's right at my shoulder facing forward!)

    Does the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really work on this?
  5. the mr clean magic erase works well.

    try it first then use the coach leather cleaner followed by the mostiurizer.
  6. hmmm..don't have any cleaner/moisturizer....

    I should hold off on the Mr Clean Eraser until I have

  7. yea, but i would try and get the cleaner set for a total of 20 at the store or online. (10 each for the cleaner and mositurizer) You CAN buy them seperately BUT think of it this way, when you wash your face dont you put mosturize on so your skin doesnt dry out? same goes for the bag.
  8. ^^Thanks for your help!
  9. the woman at coach also told me about this that the sooner you try to get it out the better, so I would move quick
  10. d'oh

    ok - thanks!
  11. ok - after I read this this morning...I ran to get my bag and an eraser.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    So I just took a regular pencil eraser (for some reason this has a greenish eraser, not a 'pink' one like normal pencils)...and the ink lines have TOTALY FADED. Not totally gone, but it doesn't scream "I'm a dork who can't control her pens...", and I'm sure I'm the only one who would notice there were lines there once. Granted the leather is a smidge lighter now...but honestly - the ink lines are not glaringly obvious.

    Still going to get the cleaner/moisturizer when I hit the store (might hit the outlet tomorrow - they carry that, right?)

    so happy i'm doing this right now -> :choochoo:

    Thanks all for helping me salvage my TWO WEEK old bag! heheheh
  12. Talk about an old thread!!! lol..last summer!!! lol..I remember where I was when I wrote this! I hope you found your answer. HEY and great research!

  13. hey - like I said - best to search for and bump and old thread then be yelled at for starting yet ANOTHER thread on how to remove ink from leather - right?
  14. Yep...great job sherlock!!!:graucho: :graucho: :yes: :woohoo:
  15. So glad your ink mark came out! I keep a suede eraser handy for spots on my leather. I found it in the shoe section at Target or Walmart and its white so it doesn't transfer color. I always try it first because it is much less destructive than the Mr. Clean magic eraser.