Removing fat from fat transfer to face

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to ask if anyone knows about or has had fat removed from a fat transfer operation? I had fat injected into my cheeks two years ago, which seemed like a nice idea, but the surgeon injected way too much. Now I want to remove some of the fat but I understand it can be difficult. I have consulted with a couple of doctors, like Dr Woffles Wu in Singapore and Dr Richard Fleming from the US, and the best method seems to be through microliposuction.

    Has anyone been through this or know of any doctors that have experience doing this? Thank you so much.
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  3. I am in the same predicament. Is yours in the upper and/or lower cheek? Did the doctors say it could be done with microlipo? I heard laser lipo was most effective...
  4. May I ask where you had this done? Was it in the US?
  5. Yeah I had it in the US. It went really wrong. I'd never recommend it to anyone.
  6. Hi sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I agree, I would never recommend it to anyone either. I did have it all throughout my cheeks, but the doctor had only deposited really small amounts in everywhere except my lower cheeks, so they are much too full.

    I am planning on going back to that previous doctor in December to get some fat removed through microlipo. I have consulted with some other good doctors around the world, and they all suggest seeing your original doctor as they know where the fat had been deposited. I don't think he did a great job the first time, but he is meant to be a good doctor and I think he is the best option I have.

    What happened with your operation? Are you going to try and get it removed?
  7. I had mine done in Sydney, Australia.
  8. Well, with my op the doctor decided to do my entire cheek area when I was under, when I'd only requested a very small part. It would've been ok if he'd done a good job, but he put the fat (a lot) too superficially under my skin and it's really lumpy now. It also bulges out so you can see it under the skin. I think the worst part is that he put too much around/to the sides of my mouth so it's made that area look stiff and unnatural. My mouth corners are sloping, and my lips look smaller.

    Some of my fat has gone hard, other areas are soft - I worry that these hard areas won't respond to liposuction.

    I wouldn't go back to my original doc myself, purely because he did a poor job the first time and went against my wishes on where to put the fat. Which docs have you consulted with so far & were they in-person consults? I haven't yet seen anyone about it apart from 2 guys in my own country who didn't know what to suggest. I'm not sure who to see or what to do.

    One thing I saw written by a member of another forum is that microlipo is a quite traumatic way of removing the fat. Have you been recommended laser lipo by any of these docs? That's what I'd like to try.

    This is such a horrible problem - you must have spent a fair deal of money and time travelling to see what can be done - no doubt I'll end up doing the same...

  9. What kind of doctor did you guys use?
  10. Lol... Not a good one unfortunately. Ftransfer is a much more complicated surgery than one might think & requires so much technical skill/good grasp of aesthetics. It's not like using a temp filler, period, but some surgeons stuff a face in 30 mins and wonder why it all looks lumpy and terrible after.

    Adding a lot in one go is almost always a bad idea. You can always go back and have more fat, better to spend the time and $ rather than end up with a real problem. Putting too much fat to certain areas can seriously disrupt the balance of the face. For eg my own face looks longer, harder and narrower because too much was added at the front and my cheeks are being pulled down.

    Most surgeons don't seem to 'get' this...very few B&As in online Internet examples display a sense of artistry in my personal opinion. Most of the surgeons' "good" B&As seem to show people with too much fat to the top of the cheeks which looks ridiculous in almost everyone and quite disturbing In some cases. The ftransfers I like online are on Dr Karam's site (US) because his patients actually look very normal and NATURAL after... !

  11. Heylo, I'm sorry to hear about the negative results. I am interested in fat transfer but read many negative reviews of and it scared me. There are many on that site who are looking for ways to correct their fat transfer. May I ask which surgeon did you go to, so I can avoid him if I do decide to get it done?
  12. Bumping up this thread and hoping that someone who had this procedure will share their experience. Has the fat resorbed like 3-6 months post-op?
  13. Heylo...I don't recommend that doctor. I went to him & am now trying to figure out how to get the fat removed. It looks completely unnatural & is lumpy. It was a very costly mistake on my part. I find that I just look wide through the face, and the fat is all under the sides of my eyes...WAY too high. It's really upsetting & I went back to him, crying. He said he couldn't remove the fat, but that he could put more in to even it out. I already look like I gained 10 pounds, so there's no way that I'd want my face to balloon up even more. It's ridiculous that doctors think putting fat right under the outer edges of the eyes is a good's definitely not. I've never seen "cheeks" protrude like that so high up on the face. I would NOT recommend this procedure. Stick with fillers, which can easily be removed. I was talked into doing the fat transfer by my doctor & am suffering the consequences...emotionally, financially, & physically. It's quite terrible.
  14. I wish it would, but it still hasn't. I don't see how I can get it to go away. I am desperately hoping that it'll get reabsorbed soon, so I don't have to continue to hide out. My face looks so wide and lumpy. I regret this procedure SO much. Stick to fillers.
  15. Please avoid this procedure. It's terrible. The surgeon I went to is mentioned in Heylo's post. I would NOT recommend going to him...or anyone else. I think he's a nice guy & perhaps some of his patients are happy...but not me. I can't un-do the fat transfer or the bleph. The stitches (scars/lines) are in a terrible place & visible (although he said they wouldn't be). The fat is placed into the face when a person is not making a face, but rather being completely still. So, they have no way of knowing what it'll look like when you smile. In my case, my face looks extremely wide (I look like I gained a lot of weight)...and when I smile, it's really horrible. I used to like being in pictures...but now I completely avoid them. I can't stand looking at myself & often cry about it. I'm really hoping that my body will reabsorb the fat & am hoping to hear from some people who've had the fat reabsorbed. I would want to correct the procedure, but was told that it couldn't be done (at least not by my doctor). That concerns me as well. Why would a doctor who performs this type of procedure not be able to correct it? It's awful. I really should've stuck with filler...they're much cheaper & they can be removed very easily. I'm now permanently stuck with a face that is much worse & I am having a very difficult time dealing with it. The emotional trauma is definitely not worth it. my doctor's case...I can't post anything about him on Yelp, because he has his patients sign something about not posting anything...which is why I don't mention his name. I'm not trying to point out my doctor specifically, but am wanting to warn people about doing this procedure in general. It can't be it's too big of a gamble. It's your face. If you stick with fillers, you can always re-do, un-do, etc. But with a fat transfer...who knows what you'll end up looking like. DON'T DO IT.