removing color transfer stains from white miu miu coffer

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  1. ok this is bad ... bad ... bad!!

    i looked at my coffer and i have transfer stains .. all over the back! ugh i'm sooo frustrated! there is also some transfer from the brass rings on the strap .. but i don't think that could have been prevented ...

    is there ANY WAY i can remove the stains?!

    I don't know what to do....

  2. This is the reason why I sold my cream colored coffer. The lighter colored coffers are so susceptible to color transfer. I've heard many tPFers use "Loving my Bags" to clean/restore their bags. I've never used them, but here is the link:
    As far as the marks around the brass rings, you are right, there really is no way to avoid that. Good luck and please let us know how things work out.
  3. HI Miu2,

    I recently brought the cream coffer, but I"ve read so much about the colour transfer,

    Is there any product that I can use to stop this?

    I've read that appleguard is used on some handbags, Do you know of any products that can prevent me from staining my bag?

    THanks :smile:
  4. Sorry I've posted this question twice,

    I'm new to this forum and did not know that this would bounce up to the top.