Removing black marker line on CL's inner sole

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  1. Has anyone successfully removed marker from an insole? Im liking at buying a pair that was marked through to prevent store return but I don't fancy the marker through the name on the insole it really bugs! Any help would be appreciated! I think alcohol might work but thought maybe someone had some success to share
  2. I had a pair before with the black marker on the inside and tried the alcohol. It worked only slightly and it was hard to avoid removing any of the gold stamp. Never figured out a better option. :sad:
  3. If you wear the shoes with bare feet the oils and sweat from your feet will eventually fade and remove the black marker.
  4. TY!! I wondered if alcohol would work. I don't know why stores have to do the black marker it's so sad! Why can't they just do the two holes on the bottom like some do! I was successful at removing the marker almost completely (you can only tell if you look very close) with alcohol on a pair of Jimmy Choo's recently. Ill probably steer clear of buying marked through louby's if it doesn't come off easily I couldn't bare looking at the marker everytime I passed my shoe shelves.
  5. Anyone have any luck in removing the black marker line over the gold Christian Louboutin logo????

    I tried alcohol and nail polish remover on one shoe and it practically erased the entire gold CL logo :sad: Am attaching a pic of the other pair which after my last attempt I dare not remove.

    If you've had success in erasing just the marker linem (without ruining gold) please share your secret! Thanks!

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  6. If anything will work to erase the marker, it will erase the logo as well. You may consider having the insoles replaced with new ones at Minuit Moins 7.
  7. A product called "goof-off" will work but it will also remove gold.....
  8. Our boutiques over here will change the insoles when they get worn out so you might want to ask the boutique that is nearest in your area if they will do the same???
  9. Ladies thanks for the tip! No boutiques in my area but I guess I could wait until my travels take me to the next nearest boutique.
  10. Why don't you call one up anyway to see if they offer the service?
  11. I've had luck removing marker from things by using more marker as a solvent and them immediately wiping the area with a tissue. It needs to be done in a very small area at a time. Never tried it on something this delicate and over other printing. Might not get it all, but it may greatly reduce the black mark. As they say 'fight fire with fire'!
  12. True, asking wont hurt.
  13. If you're on the east coast, the one in Raleigh (approved by the might be able to fix it for you. You can call them and see if you can ship it to them. They get actual shoe parts from Paris and their price is quite reasonable.
  14. I've never experimented with markers specifically on leather or on leather with OTHER marks that you'd actually want to keep (like the designer marking) so definitely definitely do a test/trial on something inexpensive on an inconspicuous area!! But, I'm a forensic scientist and ex-biotech researcher and we use allllllll kinds of different adhesive labels and markers depending on whether various items get wet, frozen at minus 80, frozen in liquid nitrogen, boiled, dried, sprayed with bleach and ethanol, soaked in ethanol and burnt off in flames, UV-irradiated, autoclaved (pretty much "cooked" in a high-pressure chamber), glass surfaces, plastic surfaces treated with residues to discourage chemical reactions or bindings, porous surfaces etc etc (you get the idea). There's many different kinds of "permanent" marker that are or aren't actually permanent for different treatments and none of them are permanent for allllllll applications. Unfortunately what might work at removing a particular marker isn't suitable bc it might ruin something else--so please please please test first if you attempt to TRY anything!

    Generally markers that are "permanent" simply mean water or soap resistant. Acetone (nail polish remover) works for many markers and it's pretty inert. we actually use it after washing things to completely evaporate all moisture and leave the surfaces chemically unreactive so it doesn't interfere with any processes downstream. Some will come off with alcohol but there are different kinds of alcohol like isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) and ethanol (strong proof vodka) so sometimes a marker comes off with isopropanol but is permanent to ethanol or vice versa. One of our favorite "removers" in the lab is methanol but I don't know how to find any for household use... Only ever heard of it outside lab environment as an unintended poisonous byproduct of bathtub gin or moonshine lol! Sometimes hydrogen peroxide works. For hydrophobic markings sometimes lipid-based things work like makeup remover, baby oil or baby wipes. Sometimes just hand lotions remove or fade marks unintentionally when we actually don't want the mark to disappear--go figure!

    If it were me, I'd just let time work its magic to eventually fade it away as lorihmatthews stated above [emoji6]
  15. I thought I would share my results in trying to remove the sharpie from a pair of Loubs that i got for a great deal!! I wet a paper towel (bounty) and added a little dish soap (Palmolive original but I'm sure any kind would do). I dabbed the logo a little and and continued to clean the rest of the shoes then i went back and scrapped the black sharpie mark with my nail and wiped it immediately after I did this about 3 times. the results aren't perfect but for me its better than removing the entire logo and I think by wearing the shoes the remainder might come off too.i will attach pix for reference and please share you tricks and ideas:smile:
    Have a great day ladies:smile: