Removing an item from an on-line consigner?

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  1. Has anyone ever asked for an item back after sending it to an online consigner. I sent two bags to Jill's Consignment a few months ago. One sold, the other is still there. And of the one still there, it was carried once, is worth $1000 and she is selling it for $200. Meaning I paid $600 at Saks last summer and now will only get $100 if it's sold. Not to mention after a month I've seen no money or heard nothing about the other bag that sold. What would you do? I feel like I'd be better off with my bag!
  2. There was a thread on here a while back. Is this place in Calif? The problem with the place they talked about was no communication and not getting paid even after the item sold. Will they not answer your emails or calls? Search the ebay section and you may find something similar. In the meantime I would say, email, call, write until you get your stuff back , not to mention the money they owe you!
  3. This is the place in FL. I bought a few things from her in the past, and never had a problem. $200 for a brand new MJ bag that was purchased last summer is too low. Not to mention the poor communication. I'll write her now!
  4. Did you check your consignment contract on the consignment period and when payment is made? For instance, my local consignment does not pay the immediate month after items are sold if the amount due to me is less than $50.
  5. I would ask her for the bag back. On the website it says after 90 days if it does not sell she will send it back at your request. Not getting your money after a month or so seems a bit off though, it states she sends checks out on the 15th of every month, so yes definitely look into both! I hope you can get it all sorted out!
  6. I usually sell with Ann's Fabulous Finds-- who is FANTASTIC. But for the kind of bags I'm selling, thought they might move faster on Jill's. I e-mailed her about getting the bag back and haven't heard anything. For what she is selling it for, I'd rather just keep my MJ.