Removed Listing/PITA Buyer


May 15, 2012
I was auctioning a designer bag on eBay and having so many problems with a demanding buyer that I ended up cancelling her bid, adding her to my BBL, AND I removed the listing. She was sending me so many messages with so many demands that I got scared.

I haven't shared her ID here for 3 reasons: 1. I'm scared of her. 2. I had a few technical problems on eBay. and 3. I'm pretty sure that she checks this forum.

I'm just writing it off as a bad situation that fortunately I was able to get out of. She has stopped the emails and I don't think she's aware that I blocked her. (Or maybe she is and is planning her 'revenge'). I honestly don't know. The state she lives in is very large and very populated, so I could easily get an offer from someone in that state, which could be her under a different ID.

I thought it best to just remove the listing for the purse completely, hoping she wouldn't figure out what happened.

I don't want to post too many details about the purse, but this particular purse is not extremely expensive. It was expensive retail, but on eBay? Maybe it would sell somewhere between $200 and $300.

I'm wondering if I should relist the purse as a 'Buy it Now' with Best Offer? Then at least I'd have some control over the offers. I'm only doing USA shipping. For some members, it just says an eBayer is in the US and doesn't even say the state (as far as I know). With Best Offer, I believe it does say the US state.

If I do a 'Buy it Now' with Best Offer, do I have more control over the situation than if I do an auction?

The demanding buyer seemed pretty obsessed with that purse, so I am afraid that she'll use another ID to buy it and then give me terrible feedback. (She has written some nasty things in her 'feedback left for others'). Whether or not she figured out that I blocked her, she's got to be angry that the item was removed and there was no explanation from me. She's even left nasty feedback for some of her BUYERS.

Maybe I should wait a month or so before I relist, hoping she'll forget about the purse?

Thanks for any advice. I just want to sell this item. I never expected all of the unreasonable demands. And I never thought I'd be in a situation where I'm afraid to list something on eBay! Ridiculous.


Dec 30, 2007
Wow, I think for $200, I wouldn't risk it, you sound really concerned.

I had something similar happen years ago, I don't sell often, but I got an ebay buyer with as gazillion questions, particularly about wanting to return the item, if she didn't like the color. It was Nwt and I listed the color on the manufacturer's tag.

I ended up blocking her. She did exactly what you said, opened a new ID and followed me to Bonanzle and bought the purse. Long story short, she ended up with the purse and (I think) a refund from Paypal. I did keep the funds, but she learned to scam.

She sent me nasty emails full of swear words after that. I had to block her email, but I wondered for a long time if she'd keep harassing me.

Id wait a while before relisting, at least, to see if she cools off.

Bon Voyage

Aug 16, 2014
Yeah, I'd wait a while and let that buyer "cool off". I had a similar situation a few months ago where I was selling a 14K Claddagh diamond ring, and a guy kept messaging me asking me to trade it for "something he has". (Wtf?) And I was like, no thank you, I don't do trades. He then REPEATEDLY sent me messages, begging me to trade it to him because he can't afford it, and wants to use it as an engagement ring for his girlfriend. I stopped responding, and he messaged me 14 more times, getting nastier, and honestly, creepier.
I ended up canceling the auction, and never listed it again. lol

Edit: Actually, my husband just reminded me! He ended up bidding on my ring and then retracted it claiming I'd edited the listing for it, or some nonsense. THEN I canceled the listing. Total nutball.
Apr 15, 2007
If you get any more harassing e-mails they should be forwarded to ebay.

Perhaps wait some time before relisting.. This buyer may be checking often
& you don't need to add more fuel to the fire by having a new listing that will
only annoy her even more.

Give it some time.. & good luck