Removed Hologram#???

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  1. Hi, I recently saw a chanel bag auction on eBay, everything looks authentic,except........she lost the id card and got the hologram # sticker removed. Is it possiable??!! A friend told me that I should really question about the authenticity. I know the bag sounds fake already, but I just want to listen more opinion and experiance. The bag is really cool and hard to find, but is it possiable that the bag is authentic?:confused1:
  2. By the way, anyone tried to remove the sticker before?Is it hard to do it?Hehe:P
  3. nobody will try to remove that sticker because it is like an ID number for an authentic bag! I wouldn't buy that bag!
  4. :tdown: No no no no, nobody sane would remove the hologram sticker, it's like burning your fingerprints... scratching a gun's serial number, dying your hair and changing your name... got the picture??? I wouldn't buy it, there is no reason for removing the sticker other than insanity or wanting to cover up something...
    If you are still lusting over it post the auction on the authenticate thread.
  5. if the bag is older and was used often, it's VERY possible it came out.
  6. Ok,thank you eveyone!I have post it one the authenticate thread,please check it out!:rolleyes:
  7. :sad:hey, I removed my hologram sticker the second I got my bag home. It just peels off. I didn't know any better and my bag is a classic jumbo flap. Merde! I'm just saying....

    With my next bag, I saved the sticker and put it on my authenticity card. I use my bags every day and have a ton of stuff in them. I don't like the gooey sticker. My only mistake was throwing the sticker away with my first purchase. Live and learn.

  8. So I'm insane !!!! How will I sleep tonite? :wtf:
  9. No, you can't. You must stay up all night thinking why you remove that sacred piece of sticker :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. I stick to my previous post.
    It's very simple, once you own something you can do anything you want to it. As far as I'm concerned you can paint yellow polka dots on it but all you are doing is devaluating your bag. That silly sticker and card are somewhat important for authenticity even if they can be found in a fake bags. It's just a bit odd to me that she would remove the label on purpose especially in this case where she really was not planning on keeping the bag in the first place. If that doesn't bother you it's a good buy, to me it's a bit shady.
  11. :tdown: I would not buy it. Sounds a bit off to me. It is one thing to lose the auth. card but to remove the holo sticker.....hmmmmmm.
  12. Yes, this is possible. Some has no idea of how the hologram sticker is important and they sometimes take it off the handbag. :/
  13. A lot of what I see on ebay is shady. On the really good fakes, and there are plenty, authenticity cards etc. are just as well made as the bag.
    If you want an authentic bag, save your money and buy it from a retail store that sells Chanel. As far as saving receipts etc., if you think you're going to sell a bag in the future, I'd save everything. If not, well then, it's your bag and you can do what you want. And yes, I agree that keeping everything is part of the bag's value. But the biggest value, for me, is enjoying my bag.
    And katie123, thanks for giving me my first giggle of the day.
  14. I have an AUTHENTIC bag that hologram sticker came off. Its a few years old.. It was attached to the nylon material..
  15. It seemed to me that that sticker was pretty easy to get off. Just saying that while I understand why someone may think it's "shady" know that if it's an older bag, it makes sense to me. It isn't exactly on there for dear life...
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