Remove Tassel from Saintonge?

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  1. Maybe I’m crazy to consider this, but I’m contemplating removing the tassel from my new Saintonge. While I’ve been loving this bag, the tassels bug me and I feel like it would look so cute with with just the gold diamond plate on the front. Take a look at the pic and try to imagine it. I feel like it would look so shiny and lux. I tried removing the tassels myself but sadly there is no way to do it safely. I’d literally have to cut them off. Would this be a bad bad idea or....haha. I know, the thought of cutting leather off an LV feels so wrong but at the same time, if I end up liking it the new way, why not! I’m thinking if I have a change of heart I could always have LV replace the tassels. Thoughts?
  2. Ya they can always replace the tassel if you decide to have it or sell it later. They will replace in damaged broken or defective.
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  3. I feel like if you remove the tassel it will look like something is missing from the bag because the loop that holds the tassel will still be there. So personally I wouldn't do it unless the tassel itself becomes raggedy looking.
  4. I think the whole look of the “saintonge” is the little tassel, I’ve seen it in the shop and I wouldn’t really look twice at it if it didn’t have the tassel. It’s a really nice bag and if I were you I wouldn’t remove the tassel
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  5. Ya that’s what I was thinking. Thanks!
  6. Ya, man, it’s a hard decision. I feel like it would look cute but ya maybe it will seem like something is missing. Hard to tell until I do it! Wish I could remove it without causing damage in case I don’t like it. (Sigh)
  7. I have this bag and I would not do it.....
  8. Are the tassels too big to first gently try to remove any stitching/glue that holds the knot together and then trying to take the hassles one by one through the knot to remove them that way?

    Either way. if you can get them replaced later it's worth a try, even if it means that you have to cut them off! :smile:
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  9. As far as I can tell there isn’t any stitching or glue that’s removable except for unraveling the tassel itself (which I don’t think will help) I was actually considering giving it a snip at and area where I could use some leather glue and make the tassels into a keychain and attach them to the zipper instead. Might be cute. Who knows...
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  10. It would definitely look strange because of the metal ring.
  11. A key ring sounds cute! And that way you can always take them off when you feel like going tassel free for a more clean and polished look! :smile: I'd give it a shot! Post pictures if you decide to go for it!
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  12. This is a tough call. I'm not a fan of a tassel on bags because over time they tend to splay. But on this particular bag, the tassel is so central to the design. As long as you can have it replaced - maybe?
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  13. If you have a spare lock, that might look cute in place of the tassels.
  14. I always thought they should have put a tiny lock like the flower hobo/tote which as the same diamond shaped HW
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  15. It will look fake