remove sticky gunk???

  1. Hello all! Well I'm a daily lurker here, I just really never had anything interesting to post! SO now I have a problem with a bag I just got in the mail today. It appears at one time there was something sticky on it(like a sticker??) and now it's gone but the residue gunk is still there. I HAVE to get this off, but I don't want to ruin the leather. There is no mark, or scratch just stickyness! Sorry in advanced if this is posted in the wrong place. Any advice would be greatly apprciated!

  2. Whoops! I meant to post pictures too! My picture takin' skills are a bit rusty, but hopefully you can get the idea!!
    101_3.jpg 101_30.jpg
  3. I've never tried on leather but check Goo Gone...I don't think it will ruin it, but check the label to be sure.
  4. Since the leather isn't suede or nubuck, I think you could use Goo Gone on it - just test a spot first (somewhere inconcspicuous like the underside of the strap). Alternatively, you could use a small piece of packing tape or similarly strong tape to "lift" off the sticky residue.
  5. Hey thanks for the advice! I wasn't sure where to start, but I always seem to make things worse than what I started with. I'll for sure spot check first! Thanks again!
  6. Try peanut butter.