Remove moles or not?

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  1. I have a few flat moles on my face, one on my forehead and two under each eye. Anyone have moles removal experience can share. Thanks :P
  2. i wanna know too!!
  3. yes, i went to a plastic surgeon. very quick, very good.
  4. Was it a leaser surgeon ?
  5. No. He used a scapel to literally cut off the mole.
  6. You can probably just go to a dermatologist and get it sliced off. I had what I thought was a pimple that wouldn't go away. It turned out that it was a mole and I had it removed. It didn't hurt.
  7. I had my dermatologist remove it in his office. They numb the area first and remove the mole (sent to lab). Then he stitched it up. I am not sure if this is the best option for your face though, mine was on a leg. Look into laser removal.
  8. I would consult a plastic surgeon too. I had one removed by a dermatologist and ended up with a scar. It wasn't her fault, it just turned out that my skin is scar prone. It doesn't bother me because it's in an unobtrusive area, but it would bother me a lot if it were on my face.
  9. I had a mole on my back removed and it left a pretty big scar. I would deff talk to someone and find out if there is a way to remove it without leaving a scar.
  10. it sounds like you have the same moles i did! i went to a dermatologist and got it lasered off.. No pain, no scars! :yes:
  11. i went to my dermatologist and he used a laser to take it off. it hurt for a couple seconds, and it left a dark scab a little bigger than the actual mole. after a couple weeks the scab fell off and i now have a very faint scar that is hardly noticeable. would recommend.
  12. I say go for it. I've had some friends who've had it done. The only thing that sucks is you can't really wash your face properly in the area around the scab where your mole was.
  13. Did mine few weeks doesn't hurt at all but just a bit shocking when they 'shot' the laser :wtf:..and the result satissfy me! :yes: be careful,you need to consult with the doctor first which way ur moles best treated with..some people got best with laser,and some need surgery..and yes,if the mole is unfortunately on the "face lining" (like lip liner) you should be extra careful and double check with the doctor if mole removal gonna affect the shape..coz the doctor told me beforehand! good luck! :yes:
  14. Same here so i agree.
  15. :yes::yes::yes: