remove mesh from portatelefono

  1. i know i've seen posts about thinking about doing this, but did anyone ever go through with it? if so, please posts pics! i have an awesome citta print on mine, but it's all covered up by the print.
  2. hmm yah I don't know if anyone's ever done this. I do know people have cut the mesh off their MMs or BVs tho and they did a real good job!
  3. I use the porto for my nintendo ds lite and I kinda need it to hold the extra memory cards filled with games. it sucks that it covers up the print, but if you dont need it I guess you can cut it out. It would look really cute as a wristlet then!
  4. aiiyah, i never saw that yet....I thought about it, but ehh I think i'll leave mine lol.
  5. i just got a portatelefono in foresta

    and now i dont think i want it :sad:

    damnit! i have no cute nindento ds lite to put in
  6. lol @ Jess's "aiiyah" :lol:

    I have a spiaggia porta and I plan on using it for my camera. I think on that the mesh will come in handy for my extra batteries and stuff. I'm sure it'll look great with the mesh off too tho if you decide to do it! :yes:

    Pandanoir - aww how come you're not loving your foresta porta?
  7. I've never seen anyone do that before either. Yea, I never bought one because the mesh was too.. in the way. :p

    Swtest2Lips - O:huh:o, that is such a good idea! Using it as your ds lite case. I've actually been looking for something cute to put mine in! Now you make me want to go out and buy a portatelefono just for my ds. Hmm, darn!!
  8. Chellie - I havent seen it done on the porta yet! But there has been some done to MMs and BVs! Removing the mesh on the porta would kinda make it look like a angioletto.. kind of.. haha

    Jess - Aiiyah, I dont wanna cut mine off either.. even though its blocking my fave characters (LOL I say aiyahh too..)

    Pandanoir - You dont like your FORESTA porta anymore? :sad: why not? Its quite useful!
  9. The mesh does get in the way of the print.. but it's so darn handy! I love my Portas!
  10. LOL Tokidokiangel & Dana...I soooo say aiiyah everytime I get into the car and get off a chair...I just be getting old...hahahhaa...oh and it helps that I'm asian (jap/flip)? LOL. I think alot of asians say that huh? Or is it mostly filipinos? lol...

    But yeahh if someone decides to take their mesh off...I'd like to see it k? It might look like an angioletto or w/e eh?

  11. I did it!!! I cut it off! I'm just slowly cleaning up the little fringes. It might take some time before I can post since I'm busy with my 2 lil ones, work this weekend and father's day on Sunday.

    BTW... I'm 1/2 filipino, too!!!
  12. Oh! I'd love to see a pic of this when you get a chance.
  13. Haha. It must be Filipino. Japanese people don't say "aiiyah"... *lol* We say "oisho" when we get up and stuff... I've been saying that since I was young, though. So sad and so old!
  14. Chellie - Post pictures please! :biggrin:

    Maya & Jess - I'm full Chinese and I say "Aiiyah" a lot.. I thought it was a Chinese thing :shrugs: I guess not LOL Just being in HI I guess..
  15. I've thought about it, but I'm too scared to cut anything off my Tokidoki's.:wondering